15 Best Affiliate Marketing sites and Strategies in 2020

15 Best Affiliate Marketing sites and 3 Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies which will make you rich in 2020

What are the best Affiliate Marketing sites and Strategies in 2020.

Welcome future billionaires. There are thousands of ways of earning money on the internet. Many sites and channels always say the easiest way of making money is this and that, but do you know Affiliate marketing is the key of becoming rich even you worked 1 hour per day or even you did not work for several days. Yes! You can earn a lot. But to earn a lot, first, you need to work hard. Then you just sit back and drink a coffee.

Affiliate marketing is a job for the people who know about the buyers’ willingness and who are cable of publishing products. You are the bridge that connects two sides. There are thousands of products and services which need a lot of customers.

For that they hire people like you to publish their products anywhere you can. Simply you need to use several strategies (which I will explain in the last) to sell their products. For that, they give a commission to you.

For this job you have to do a quick research (which I have done and I will let you know about it at the end of the article) about the things, you are going to sell. Like if you know better in health, you can sell health items. Because you can say different things which will attract more customers or buyers. For example, if I am going to sell a hand sanitizer, then I will publish something like this. “Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol-Based (8 Pack / 220ml) Infused with Alovera Gel, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E – Unscented Fragrance-Free Sanitize &, etc.”

There are sites where you can introduce users and earn a commission for their monthly/yearly subscriptions. This is an easy way of earning a lot of cash every month rather than affiliating products where payout is for only one time. I will explain the difference between these two. There are advantages and also disadvantages in these two payouts.

One-Time PayoutRecurring payout
You will get a fixed paying per a productYou will generate consistent revenue each month
You will get a lot earn at onceYou will get less, but every month.
You cannot predictYou can predict about your future earnings
Once bought you will get it and done.Once bought, you will earn continuously but if the user canceled their subscription, you will not earn furthermore.


I think you all know Amazon. It is the biggest place to sell anyone’s items and have millions of buyers and sellers. Every child in almost every country knows about this site. So being an affiliate marketer on this site means you can earn a lot. But due to the popularity, there are thousands of affiliate marketers are also working in Amazon. Therefore, they give 3 months for you to sell at least 3 products. If you sold, you will be a permanent marketer or else you will be banned. Don’t worry. If you follow my strategies, you will get a sale within one month.

Click here to get the affiliation commission list.

eBay Partners

This is just like Amazon. All you have to do is sell the best products that match you. It is best to use your blog or site. Then you can promote most matching products to your blog and earn a lot of money.

CategorySub-Category% of Sales
FashionClothing, Health & beauty6%

Jewels & watches5%

Musical Instruments3%

Tickets & events3%
Parts & AccessorieseBay Motors4%

Miscellaneous Parts & Accessories4%

(In here only highest rates are shown. Click here to get the whole pic)

As you can see, if you choose a fashion cloth of $100 you will get $6 per one. But if you sold 100 of them (You know about girls? How they react to attractive, eye catching cloths?) You will get $600. You only have to make a post/blog talking about cloths.


This is another site like Amazon. But fewer items are having with them. But they will give you more than 10% for every product as a commission. I have worked here and earn $46 within a week. But to get your payout you need at least $100 and they pay you on the 15th of every month and at the end of the month. What I like about this site is that they have an amazing customer support. Moreniche will help you not only to sell their products, but others also.

But do not use only social media for a product. If you use you need to get permission from the seller or else your account will be freeze.


ShareASale.com has over 4000 merchants where one merchant has at least thousands of products. They have a clean track of EPC (Earnings Per Click), Reversal Rates, Average Sale Amount and also Average Commission. Payout on the 20th of every month if you have more than $50 in your account.


Flexoffers.com is famous due to its fast payout which is faster than other major companies in the affiliate market. They have thousands of different products that are categorized decently. You can easily find what are the items you want to promote. If someone earns commission by referring your link, you will get 50% of any earnings. That is something you must consider.


This is a site for WordPress hosting. Many people like to make WordPress sites and still don’t know how to host. You can start a post or video telling about how to host by using this site and get the attention. Or else you can see a video and make a similar video like that and make people come to kinsta.com.

When someone comes from your link and get a plan (monthly or yearly) you get a huge money. Because of the host, users never go for a smaller plan. They always go for higher and they always stay for more than 2 years. For example. If you refer 1 new subscription for a $100 plan each month and have a passive income of $1350 monthly after 1 year.


Many students, teachers and those people who are interested in learning things, know about Lynda.com. This is a site where you can learn many areas like Photoshop, aftereffect, etc. You can make posts or videos about how to make a web page or how to make a 3-D program or about Photoshop and introduce about Lynda.com.

You can earn up to $40 commission for every monthly subscription or 35% of single course purchases. This is a brilliant way for marketing as nowadays people are stuck at home and many students need sites and places to learn. So target them and earn a lot more.


This is a place where the businessmen can start, grow and manage their own business. Shopify commercial platform manages products, payments and also shipping. You need to target businessmen and recommend them to start their business in here for less paying. You will earn $58 per subscription. So you just think 10 people subscribe even within a month, you earn $580. You can also use their platform to get more subscriptions.


One of the best VPN services nowadays. Their payout methods are as follows.

1-month package: 100% then 35% recurring

3-month package:40% then 35% recurring

1-year package:40%, then 30% recurring

VPN is something which the most people uses for many months. Due to that you will probably get a high recurring.


This is also one of the best VPN in the market and this has a high one time payouts. Where 1-month subscription gives $13, for 6months $22 and a year $36.


This is similar to shopify.com where you can start a business. This affiliate platform provides you a 200-500% commission rate. Yes, it’s a huge commission rate. So better read some more about this.


This is also a business based site where it has a good payment method. The only difference is you will get difference amount of recurring earning.

For 1 – 5 sales in one month you will earn 25%, 6 – 15 sales, you will earn 30%, 16 – 40 sales, you will earn 35% and 40+ sales, you will earn 40% commission rate.


Web hosting platform where you can earn up to $150 per sale. This affiliate platform offers a base payout of around $60. You can send unlimited referrals, so you can earn a lot.


This is one of the best sites for people who are interested in going out. You will get a 50% commission per a subscription. Due to the popularity, you might get a better chance from this site.


Traveling site as TripAdvisor. But this site pays up to 80% of the commission. If you are having a site or blog regarding travel or hotels or something like that, you can get a huge amount by using this site.

These are the sites that are legit and you can get rich by just sitting back after you successfully sold out many services or items.

To earn a lot of money you need to get more and more traffic to your links. For that I have 3 best strategies that will grow your earnings faster.

Choose best products

There are thousands of products on Amazon. But you need to choose the right product. As I said earlier, first choose a category where you know things. Then see is it worth doing. Products are having a commission of 2% and the prices are like $10.

So it’s not worth it. So choose the highest commission rate products and if you need to know about things, search about them and get some knowledge. If you choose a product with a 30% commission and a price of $1000, from one product you will earn $300. (Don’t look for the highest commission at first. Look for the most selling items and sell them)

Use Blogs and sites

Always try to use your blogs for affiliations. Because it’s so much good. People always go for blogs to get more knowledge. You can provide them some information about the product’s advantage (not directly) and give them your affiliate link.

For example, if you are selling a watch, you can make an article of “10 best watches you can have for a party” or “How to choose a watch for a party?” So the audience will get knowledge and they will try your link. There is a site called Ubersuggest where you can use it to find the best keywords to use. Enter your keyword to Ubersuggest and get an idea about using the keywords.

If you don’t have a blog, you can use platforms like Medium and Steemit where you can publish your article. But you need to tell the audience your article contains affiliate links. (That is one of their rules) Use these as they said there are millions of people using these platforms to seek knowledge. So try that.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media

Finally, the best strategy to publish your link is to use Social media. The best is to have a YouTube channel. Because everyday people use it and it says that nearly 1% of the viewers will check the link you have published (It seems less but,) while 5% of the links are clicked in blogs. So if you have 1000 views. Nearly 10 people may watch it and if you sell a $10 item in one video, you can get $100 only for one video.

By uploading many videos with different products you will earn more. Use FB, Instagram or even TikTok for your marketing as even the platform changes the people won’t be changed. Their needs be there. So use social media and publish links under their regulations. and this is the end of In this article you can find best Affiliate Marketing sites and Affiliate Marketing Strategies in 2020.


I have mentioned sites you will probably get a decent commission and as well as I have given you 3 Best Strategies which will earn you more than $1000. If you use these strategies, you will get money like raining and you will be a success person. So don’t hesitate to earn money from Affiliate Marketing. Because this is still best way to earn money in online. If you still need some other ways to earn money, check this link. If you like this In this article you can find best Affiliate Marketing sites and Affiliate Marketing Strategies in 2020 article make sure to share it.


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