7 Ways To Make Money Online Selling Your Photos in 2020

Are you a photographer who has an Ultra HD camera with………? In this article I am going to talk about 7 Ways To Make Money Online Selling Your Photos in 2020. To become a photographer, do you need that much powerful camera? I don’t think so. One philosopher said, “To become a successor, you don’t need successful equipment. You just need your likeness to the work” Actually, I just made it. Because that’s the truth behind the success of people, they never go behind the things they want to become successful. They just apply what they already had in their ways, and became successful.

Then the next question is why they pay you for your photos which might be taken from your mobile phones. It’s simple. Most of the larger companies do not want to pay a lot of money for a photo that they can use only to one banner or to a letterhead, etc. Because of that, they use these sites to get a photograph that they wanted to use. There are many sites which are appeared to be a fraud, and I heard from my friend that he tried to sell his best images using a site. But after a few weeks only, he got to know that the site was not paying anyone. It’s just a fraud. I wrote this article by analyzing many sites and videos to prevent you from getting bulled.

So, to become a good photographer, you just need these few things.

  1. Photographic eye (which can capture attractive, uncommon areas)
  2. Smartphone with a quality camera or a camera
  3. Photo editing app or a software (I’ll tell best easy editing software which doesn’t need any skills)

With these needs, you can earn more than $100 per month just by clicking, editing, and uploading. Now let’s see what the top sites in online photos selling business are.

Social Media

“He told us to tell us about sites of selling photos, but now he is telling about social media. Is he crazy?” Don’t blame. Just read. You will get that this is the most popular place where you can become a great photographer.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook are perfect places for you to upload some of your photos and show the world how you capture things. I saw some people sold their photos to many larger companies over $100 per each by using only Instagram. The First makes an audience for their profile (You can see how to earn by using Social media in here), and then they publish many random photos. After that, they ask many popular companies about their photos and sell. This is, most of the time, good for local businesses. But yes! You can earn a lot by only using social media.

Adobe Stock

Most of the software invented and owned by this Adobe company. This platform (previously known as Fotolia) has been operating for over 10 years and has a good reputation for selling photos. The best advantage in Adobe Stock is that they do not ask you to give them the selling right of your photo. Because of this, you can sell the same photo in any other place too.


There are like tons of new spammers around the internet who says that they will sell your photos. But they take your photo and sell it on their own and gives you nothing. This site is selling stock images since 2001. As there are many scammers, you need to choose the category (photos, illustrations, video, or audio), and you need to send some sample photos (Send the best you have got) to iStockphoto. Then they will check your application and approve if you are qualified. You will get a minimum of 15% of any sales. But if you choose Exclusive status, you will get 45% of a sale.


This site is also like Adobe Stock when it comes to photo authority. So you can sell the same photo on both sites. Shutterstock selling photos (videos, vectors are also can be sold) over 15 years, and you can probably earn up to $100. The best part here is that Shutterstock also gives credit to you (the owner of the image), which is a huge advantage as you can market your brand. 

500px Prime

here you have the option of selecting the exclusive or non-exclusive license for the image. If it’s an exclusively licensed image, you will probably get 70% of the selling. Here you can start your free account and submit your photos by completing forms.This is also a best way to Make Money Online from Selling Your Photos.

SmugMug Pro

The highest amount is paid on this site. But you have to be a pro subscriber by spending $13 per month to get 85% of the price. There are no free accounts. SmugMug Pro keeps a $0.79 default fee and also charges 15% and let you have the rest. For example, if you decide to sell your image at $10, It will be sold at $10.79. Then by 85% of 10, you will earn $8.50. So it’s worth trying.


You can have the app of Snapwire and upload as many photos and earn a lot of money. Here I didn’t get a chance of knowing how much will they pay for you and those. But they provide you the option to see the sold images and get the idea of the photos which buyers most wanted. You can sell small or large videos too in here.

Finally, I will make my promise of telling you some apps which will not need expert knowledge of photo editing like Photoshop. There are three main photo editing tools for your phone. (Every camera holder knows how to handle Photoshop. So I will tell only about apps)

These three apps will make it so much easy to edit your photos to a professional photo. Most importantly, these apps allow you to do many tricks Photoshop is using. I will try to write about these apps shortly. 


You can probably use many sites at once. So use them and earn many as possible. Take photos that are really attractive or make them attractive by using simple apps. In the first few days, you will not probably receive, but keep post pictures. If you found any more legit sides, comment down below.

 So use these sites to Make Money Online Selling Your Photos. If you are not interested in photos, then please view my other article about the ways of earning online money in here.

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