What is Ad Clicking and Watching and How to earn in 2020

In this article we are gonna talk about What is Ad Clicking and Watching and How to earn in 2020.

Ad Clicking is just like surveys. (If you want to know about surveys, click here.) It’s just as simple as the name. You have to click the advertisements and watch them until the time they ask you to watch. After that, some sites give you points and sometimes give money directly. As surveys, there are many fake or spam web sites on the internet. I will provide you with some legit websites which pay you decently. I will tell you a great trick to earn more money from these sites.

To start Ad Clicking or Watching:

  1. You need to have a computer or laptop or smartphone
  2. Internet connection with higher data volume as these advertisements may consume some data when comparing to other categories. (If you want to know more about other categories, click here)
  3. Ability to work hard.

There are several apps and sites which will pay you for watching ads. Most of

 these sites do have surveys with them too. FusionCash, VinTub and etc. These websites will show you ads, and you need to watch them. But I am not guaranteed that they will give you money that can live your life like a rich person. No. But it will pay you decently. For an example VinTub. This website will only give you five daily videos to watch, and you will earn $2.45 per day. You can withdraw when it comes to $80. So you can earn it within a month just spending nearly 5 minutes. You can just watch five advertisements and do something else if you want. 

I’m pretty sure now you have some idea about What is Ad Clicking and Watching and How to earn in 2020.Also check out more articles from Here. Have a nice day.


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