Best Sites for Teachers to Earn Money from Online Teaching

In this article, we are gonna talk about earn money from online teaching and what are the websites that allow to teach you online and earn money from it.

There are a lot of teachers who are now stuck at home or maybe they have resigned from teaching spending their life missing teaching kids. For all the teachers who love to teach and for all the teachers who want to teach and earn money, this will be your post. Here I will teach you How to Earn Money by Teaching and also Best Sites to teach. Finally, I will give you some more methods to earn money as spending a full day doing nothing.

  1. Why You Must Teach Online?
  2. What are the Qualifications to Become an Online Tutor?
  3. Best Sites to Earn by Teaching
  4. Some Tricks to Use While Teaching.
  5. Another Best Way to Earn Money for Teachers

Why You Must Teach Online?

There are several Reasons why you must teach online without spending your time doing nothing.

  • Keep in Touch

If you stop teaching, you will forget what you have learned. That will be so not good when you have to teach someone after some time. If you stay at home because of the lockdown or maybe pregnancy or you are a pensioned teacher when someone asks about anything or after some months when you get back to teach, how could you teach if you can’t remember most of the things you learned. That will be a disaster. That is why this is the best reason for you to teach Online.

  • Extra Cash/Full Time

Most of the teachers spent their time in school and they have never started a private class. So most of them do not get any payment if they stay at home. So this will be a golden opportunity for every teacher to earn some extra cash. Yes, if you do this as your full-time job, yes! you will get a good payment for every lecture you start.

Many sites pay you $15 – $25 within an hour. So if you manage to teach 5 hours per day (Schedule them. Do not lecture straight 5 hours.), you will earn $2000+ per month. But it will vary because of your talent, your methods, etc.

  • To Enjoy

Some teachers stay alone at home or maybe they feel alone without the voice of children. For them, this will be a ticket to heaven. Because most of the sites allow you to chat with children and you will enjoy this as much as you do in your school or classroom.

What are the Qualifications to Become an Online Tutor?

Almost every site will require your certifications about the education. It may be a degree or HND (Higher National Diploma) or something like that.

There are job fields not only to teach science or mathematics or art or any subject but also to teach foreign languages to children or Translate things for them, etc. You better choose the best site which will match you from what I and going to give you. Then search more about it and start teaching and earn some cash.

Best Sites to Earn by Teaching

I have gone through many sites and discovered 20+ sites that are legit and pay you a lot of cash. But then I again referred to every site and choose some sites that will pay a high amount of money. Simply the hardest part has been done by me. You just have to refer them again and make money.


This site is for teachers who can teach different languages to students. When they review or any other methods, you can get more new students. So as I said, quality means everything.

Specialty in this site is that it doesn’t require any special degree or any kind of qualifications. But they ask to fill a form and they will approve your application if they feel you are a good tutor.

You can decide how much you want per hour. Web site said that the best teachers earn more than $500 per week.


This is one of the top-rated sites for teachers to teach by home. You have to teach English to foreign students and for that, you don’t need to know their languages.

They ask for a bachelor’s degree in any field and also you must be in Canada or the US. Other than that if you have any experience in teaching, you will be chosen quickly.

Teachers can earn $20+ per hour. So you can earn a lot by teaching English, which is kind of an easy subject.


Students can be at any age. They have the authority to select any Tutor from the list and they will probably get the best teachers or teachers match their budget.

You don’t need to be a teacher even to work here. But you have to put the best achievements so the students can choose you. One downside here is, you must be under and must live in the USA.

You can make your ratings which is kind of awesome and there are over 350 subjects and you can choose any and teach students.

Magic Ears

This is for children under 12. So if you are good at controlling or get those children’s focus on to you, you can earn a lot in here.

In here you have to do some training with the site and then you have to upload a video of how you teach kids. (When it comes to under 12, that means a lot harder to control. I think that is why they are asking for training.) Other than that, they ask nothing.

You will earn $20+ per hour. This rate is because of the age as I think. So if you are good at kids, you will earn a lot.

Teach Part time

This is an English teaching program.

To teach you have to have a Bachelor’s degree and you must be in the US, UK or Canada.

You can earn $14+ per session and there are many other ways of earning money.

Q Kids

This is a fixed time job with a contract to the teachers. This site also allows you to teach English to students.

You must need a Bachelor’s degree and it is good if you present them with your English Teaching certificate, if you have one. You have to be online 6 hours per week (one hour per day and you will get one day free too.) and 6-month as a contract.

You can earn $20 per hour. That means by default you will earn around $120 per week.


This site needs teachers to plan their lessons. This site is not only teaching children, but also teachers.

You need to have the expert knowledge to teach here. Here the paying also different but sure they pay a lot as you also need to teach teachers.

go Fluent

This is also an English teaching web site, where you can teach English to students.

You must be in the USA or Canada or the UK to apply. Other than that, you have to need some experience in teaching.

You will earn $15 per hour.


There are various subjects you can teach here. You can choose part-time or full time working in here and work.

There are some works to do before beginning. You have participated in tutorial training and get your certificate in there. But you must need a degree to start with this site.

You can earn up to $50 per hour.

Tutor me

This site has more than 300 subjects and you can teach any from there. Choose your subjects and start teaching.

You need to have a degree or graduated from a university or college. Other than that, you might need some experience in teaching those subjects.

You can earn $15 per hour. Here you can get some bonuses too.

Some Tricks to Use While Teaching.

Some teachers taught subjects like reading a book. Students just listen and no one can understand any. There are some tricks that best teachers in the world who uses them to keep the focus of the children only to them.

  • Always ask questions while teaching. That way everyone will keep their focus. If not, they know that they will get caught for not listening to the subject.
  • As teaching online try to use presentations or whiteboards to write and show them and always use your hands to get their attention. Your movement and speaking ability is needed a lot in here.
  • When talking about speaking ability, it doesn’t mean that you just need to have a rough voice to control the children. Not. One of my lecturer use a trick by using his voice. When he feels like it is boring, he speaks loud suddenly. Then reduce the volume and teach again. That way students never get away their attention.
  • Always try to teach them lessons like telling a story. (Not a bedtime story. They will sleep.) Once my history teacher taught those lessons like I was in there. So I got a great result because of his teaching.

Another Best Way to Earn Money for Teachers

This is a bonus to the readers who read the last parts. I have a great idea for the teachers to earn money. If you feel like it is not good to use online teaching do not warry. Still, you can earn a lot of money. You can make eBooks. You only need to type. For that even my teachers, I have a good way. Google has a speech to text application which you need to install and speak in front of it. It will convert your speech into text. It will be good if you can make 20+ pages of books. Then you can sell those books on Amazon or eBay or there are many sites to sell eBooks.

After that, you have to wait until people buy it. If you can just copy those links and publish in social media or any place, you will get a lot more buyers. If you get more traffic, that means you will get more buyers. If you sell a book in $20 and you get $15 from it (Sites take some percentage from the selling.) Just assume you sold 10 books. That means you get $150. So make more books and earn more money.


I spent more than 1 month to search and discovered these things. So if you get any knowledge from this as a student I am happy about it. Teachers are the stars to the children who are sailing on the water. You show us where to go and where not to go. So leaving your knowledge like that is something a huge waste. So teach someone and earn some money also learn more about online money from Here.

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