Best Way to Become Rich Within 6 Months

In this article we are gonna talk about how you can get rich in 6 months.

What the hell is this? If someone can become rich within 6 months, why no one is doing it? Is this a legit way of earning? Can we become rich within 6 months? I will explain everything you have to do to become rich in just 6 months. You must follow each step to earn this much money in a short period.

  1. What is the Chain of Earning?
  2. Best Chain to Earn Money.
  3. How to Earn Maximum Amount of Money from Them? (Explain One by One)

What is the Chain of Earning?

Do you know the Chain of Earning? Most of you haven’t heard about it. If you do, you know already how to earn Millions of Dollars within 6 months. A Chain is a series of connected metals that will make this a powerful connection. If we have a chain with 6 connected metals and 12 connected metals, what will be the strongest and most powerful chain? Yes, the second one. Like that if we combine more metals, the power will grow. Now let’s see what is the Chain of Earning.

Chain of Earning means connected powerful earning methods. If you connect more and more best jobs or earning methods to each other, then you will get more and more money. For example,

You are a Software Engineer who is working for a company from 9 am to 5 pm. That is a huge earning job but with a single earning method. So if you combine another job like developing software as a freelancer and selling them, you have a second powerful job connected to the first job. If you earn $10,000 per month by your regular job and let’s assume you sell software or mobile apps for $10,000 per month (Best software worth a lot more than this. So I just assume) Then you have $20,000 per month.

Did I say this is an easy way of earning? No, I didn’t say. Because you have to sacrifice a lot of time into this. But I have some better ways to become rich within 6 months and after that, in each month you will earn a lot like that without trying hard.

Best Chain to Earn Money

As you can see, it is hard to earn a million dollars within 6 months, if you work an 8 hours’ job. Because as you all know, these regular jobs nearly killing you in those 8 hours. So you should have no regular 9 to 5 job.

There are 4 types of jobs on the internet that many are earning millions of dollars less than even 6 months. But you have to work hard. You must have a time table and need to sacrifice a lot of time.

  1. YouTube Channel
  2. Creating a Blog
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. EBook Selling

I know most of you have already heard about these three steps and still earn no money. That means you are not working as you suppose to work. These are the 4 steps you have to follow. I will explain one by one later. Here you have to understand these are real money earning methods which will make you rich. Some people earn $50,000 within 5 months only using one of these methods. If you get the idea, you can combine more and more methods to this chain and make more money.

How to Earn Maximum Amount of Money from Them? (Explain One by One)

There are thousands of people who work in these methods but still, they are not rich. It is because they do not do it in the right way. Many people need money in a few months but still don’t like to work hard. So my friend, don’t be like that. Work hard these 6 months.

YouTube Channel

You can either start with this chain by blog or YouTube channel. Not with the last two parts. I chose the YouTube channel as the first step because you don’t have to pay any money to create a channel. After creating a channel, you have to do a simple thing. Upload a minimum of 60 videos to your channel. The more relative videos, the more views you get. Why did I mention relative? Because please do not upload videos that are not relative to your heading. If your heading about smart items, do not upload about cooking. That way you will not get much traffic. Because YouTube always tracks the heading and the titles you are using for your video. If they match the same category in every video, they will promote you to that category. Developing in one category is something easier than developing in different categories.

  • First choose a proper heading.

This is the place where people get stuck. Do not get frustrated in this place. Write what you most like. Then combine similar things. The most items in a group will be your path and choose a heading for that.

For example,

I like Earning Money methods, freelancing, YouTube channel and blog creating, logo designing, electronic items, smart items, teaching what I know, health items, and sports. After I divide these items I have discover teaching things came to all three categories. So I can go along with a Channel teaching things.

Then start making videos. You can put a camera and record yourself or make presentations which can teach things. As I know the most traffic gaining way is to record yourself.

  • Check the competitors’ videos.

After the first 5 videos, check the competitors’ videos. If the average time of there is 3-5 minutes, make your videos to 8 minutes. Because as YouTube telling, people only watch 70% of your video. So if you put 3 min video, your average watch time will be around 2 to 2.5 minutes. That is so low. Because YouTube will only promote people who have a lot more

average watch time. But do not exceed your time more than 20 minutes. Most people do not like that much time.

After increasing your average watch time, always use highlighting video images to get the attention of the people who search your category. By keeping an eye on your competitors’ videos, you will figure out many tricks they use.

You can check my article about YouTube to get more tricks about this.

  • Get traffic.

This is the most challenging part. After uploading 20+ videos, start your social media traffic building. You can use platforms like Quora, Reddit for this. But you have to work sometime before uploading your blog to any answers.

Keep making videos every day and upload as much as you can. You might have to work day and night to achieve the goal. If you don’t want to become rich in 6 months, you can work slowly and become rich after one or two years. It is up to you.

Now, slow down your video making speed and focus more on traffic building. (It doesn’t mean you have to stop producing videos. It means if you make 3 videos per day, make 1 video per day)

  • Check sites which talk about tricks to earn more traffic.

Not only my blog, check many others to get more traffic. Most of them will say about SEO, Social media, etc. Rather than that, check for more specific ways of getting more traffic. But do not get traffic from paying that sort of way.

After two months of your tired, hardworking, you will be able to get 1000+ followers and likes to your channel. Then request google AdSense. They will pay you for visitors and every advertisement clicking, you will get $3 more or less. But do not click by yourself or tell anyone to click them.

Create a Blog

After the second month and after you get a fixed daily video-watching audience, come to this stage. You must have to upload at least 60+ videos (1 per each day for 2 months. If you could make 2 videos per day within the first 20 days, you will earn 60+ within 2 months)

Creating a blog will spend nearly $30 -40. For web hosting, visit go, daddy, name cheap, etc.

After you make a blog as same as you have done to YouTube channel, make blog posts. It is so much easy if you are good at typing. You have to type everything that you said on your channel’s videos. But change some words and try to change them. It is good if you buy “Grammarly” to check your grammar errors as well as to check the copyright issues. Do you know that YouTube tracks all the words that you say if it is in their vocabulary? That is why most YouTubers spell the same keywords again and again to build more traffic.

So copy your words carefully. Then use images or gifs or anything that will catch the users’ eyes. The most important thing is to upload your video link to that blog. That way you will make a backlink to your channel. So if someone comes to your blog, he will go to your video too. The chances are high as 60% or more will click on to your video.

After uploading every blog post which includes every video (It will take less than 1 month because you have to copy the same things you have done.), then ask AdSense to your blog to earn extra cash.

Then go to your YouTube channel and change or upgrade your every video putting your blog post into it. That way your old videos will come up. If you can add a video part which is telling the audience to check your blog and that way you will get more and more views to your videos (because of uploading a new video) as well as to your blog.

This is the best way to get traffic within a short period. I guess now you have finished almost 4 months. Then check your AdSense balance. If you have 1000+ views in each, you will earn more than $5 per day. Then add video day after day. The free day in between the next video, upload your blog post and try to get more traffic by publishing on Instagram or Twitter or any place.

Affiliate Marketing

After 4 months of hard-working find the best sites for affiliate marketing. For that my friend, I have a solution here. After you decide which sites best for you, then start affiliate marketing. Publish every link in every blog post and every video you have already uploaded. This way you will not need to upload new videos or blogs, but get more and more views to every video.

Do you know that nearly 10% of viewers are clicking your posts? Within 2 weeks I had given 400+ clicks to my affiliate links in more niche sites only by using social media. So if you have 100 views per day, you will get 1 click from blog posts and 1 from the channel. You will take a month to finish this as you just have to copy and paste links in your blog posts and videos. It is better if you say something about those products. In videos, say the benefits about it. In blog posts write another article about items and link to that. Always sell the best products.

Now I guess 5 months have spent. So here comes the last month. You can see the viewers are getting higher every day and so as the earnings.

EBook Selling

Final month you have to make eBooks. This is kind of easy if you are good at writing. Combine articles and write more than 20 pages to earn more. You will take 5 hours more or less to this. Because you have already written and talked about the same ideas over and over again. The only thing for you to is to combine all the information and make a good looking book.

You have to consider these few things to get more profit out of this.

  • Outline each and every chapter so readers can find them easily.
  • Design is something you must consider. Colors, pictures and every eye catching item.
  • Convert it to PDF as many read from that. Or you can convert to AZW or ODF.
  • Check every spelling and ingredients before converting. Because you can’t edit after converting the book
  • Create a good landing page which will attract more buyers and always give a good explanation about it.

There are several sites for you to sell them.

  • Amazon kindle bookstore
  • Lulu
  • Scribd
  • Book Bay
  • E-Junkie
  • Kobo Writing Life

I have mentioned the highest rates of sites. You can check for more if you like. Then publish them. If you publish $30 book and get the commission of 80% you will earn $24 per one book. If you sell 100 books, you will earn an extra $2400.

After the 6th month you will see how much you have earned and you can predict the amount you will be earned. Do not stop your video and blog post publications. Always publish more and get more traffic. This is not the end of the chain. You can ask companies to publish videos or banners on your site for money. Some companies pay more than $1000 for a single banner. Other than that, you can write articles as a freelancer and increase the power of the chain.

The last step or the extra or bonus step is to try to follow these 3 small steps.

  • Invest (40% of your earning)
  • Save (45% of your earnings)
  • Spend

Always try to stick on to these 3 steps. You can invest your earnings to google ads and get more traffic to your blog and channel. There is another way. You can invest your money in a bank for the highest paying rate. For example, a fixed deposit. You will earn more extra money by doing nothing. Then always save some money. Only then, spend your money. Stick to these 3 simple plans and earn a lot.


If you do things I have mentioned according to those steps, you will be rich within 6 months. But always remember to finish your work with a good quality. Quality means more money and more viewers. If you want to increase the length of the chain, you can find more online money earning methods by referring to my site. There are some unique methods you will find. This is how you can get rich in 6 months if you like this article make sure to share it in social media


  1. Another way make a channels online then you can earn a lot of money all these channels down payment from supports and owners to be related to another companies and make some of advertisement to the people to know what is gain from the knowledge and useful information for them

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