Best Ways to Earn Money During Pandemic

In this article we are gonna talk about Best Ways to Earn Money During Pandemic and how to have a stable income from it.

Covid-19 is a world disaster now. I don’t want to publish this article to earn money with this. This is just for the people who stay at home, thinking about “How to earn some cash during this disaster”. People who stay at home survive this Pandemic. While I was writing this blog article, I always wish people will read this article even after the Pandemic is over. So Stay Safe and Live Longer to tell your kids or grandkids about this disaster.

Now let’s come to the heading. How to earn money during Pandemic when major companies are also falling. Because of Pandemic, (This is not good to say, but I must say it) some industries have earned a lot of money than they were able to earn in their life. Like blog making, YouTube channeling, Health product industries, etc. So now I am telling you some jobs you can do while staying at home.

Top 10 Methods of Earning Money in Pandemic

  1. Writing EBook
  2. Teaching students
  3. Article Writer
  4. Work as a Freelancer
  5. Be the Delivery Guy
  6. Shopping
  7. Selling Photos
  8. App and Software Tester
  9. Social media
  10. YouTube Channel

Writing EBook

Writing an EBook is the best way to earn money during the pandemic. This is good not only for writers but also for people who have great imaginations and who worked in a company. That means everyone. Let me tell you with some example,

  • If you worked in a company, that means you know about your job part. So you can write an EBook about it.
  • If you have a good imagination, you can write stories about dragons or magic or upcoming World War 3 (I never want it.), etc.
  • The best part is that this is good even for your little child. Let them write or draw what they want and you sell those.

That is why I tell these suits, everyone. If you are not good enough in writing, I have a solution for that also. You can get more information about this by clicking Here. I wrote everything from how to write – how to sell.

Teaching students

I know many teachers miss their students because of staying at home. For them there are sites, which they can start online teaching. That is not only for your students but also for many students. It also doesn’t matter about your subjects. There are sites which have more than 300 subjects. You can earn $15 to $25 per hour. Click Here to learn more about it. Preply, VIPKID, and many are there in the other article.

Article Writer

Blog Writers can also apply for article writing. If you love to write articles and if you have some knowledge about English (You don’t need to have professional-level knowledge. It’s just some basic knowledge) then this will be your gold mine. Why did I say that? Because this opens a lot of areas in the online job field. You can sell articles in freelancers or Fiverr or anywhere. Other than that, you can make your blog or can create EBooks, etc. You can get a massive knowledge of this field by clicking here. You can sell articles in Text Broker, Article Factory, etc. You can see more in the link.

Work as a Freelancer

If you have some knowledge about fields like graphic designing or software development or video developing or even music creation and many more, you can earn a lot of cash in here. I have written two articles about this. If you want to know about Fiverr, click here. I have written a massive detailed blog post regarding Fiverr and you can learn from A to Z about Fiverr by reviewing it.

Other than Fiverr, if you want to know about Freelance, click here.

Be the Delivery Guy

This is for the people who are brave enough to go out during the lockdown. You have to deliver things to others. But for this, you must wear a mask, gloves and every protection you need to have. I don’t know it’s in their agreement. But if you go by protecting yourself, that will save many including your family. Because if you get the virus, all the places you are delivering product, will be infected. The best site is Door Dash. You can also try Amazon Flex.


Shopping pays you? How? For full details, you can click here. I just explain little about it without repeating the same article. There are apps and sites which will pay you back for shopping. It is like you get a discount for every buying you so. To earn a lot, you can be the buyer to your relatives or neighbors and let them select a product and get the money from them and pay them only by you. Automatically you will earn some extra cash. Wow app, Super pay me app are two options you can have. There are some more in the link.

Selling Photos

If you are good at photography (Even if you are not) this will be your opportunity to earn some cash. You can learn how to sell and some tricks about selling photos in here. You can use sites like floap, Adobe Stock, or iStock.

App and Software Tester

You can be a user tester. There are some sites, they want you to make a video while you playing their requested game or visiting their website and give a review. Use simple language and let them know any errors or difficulties or bugs you found while testing.

Social media

This will take some time to earn a massive amount of money. Some people sell their accounts with more than 100K followers to more than $1000. So if you can make that much of followers, you can sell your account or you can earn by advertising company’s’ banners and logos ort doing shout outs. Click here to get more tricks to get followers and learn how to earn by Social media.

YouTube Channel

I put this at last because it will take some time to earn money by YouTube channel. Because you need a lot of audience to earn money. If you don’t have an audience, you will earn less. There are some tricks and ways of earning money from the YouTube channel here.


These are the best ways of earning money. I know you might think, why he didn’t mention about surveys or watching ads to this. I didn’t put them because, I don’t want you to get into trouble if they didn’t pay you. These methods are 100% the best way of earning money. I have put links to my other posts, so you can easily learn more about them and I don’t want to waste your time explaining the same facts which I have already explained. To earn money and Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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