What is Blogging and How to earn from it in 2020

Blogging is one of the significant ways of earning money. Why is it? I will explain it little bit later.If you want to know about earn from Blogging in 2020, Let’s understand what is blogging and how we need to get more traffic to our blog or site!

Blogging means making a blog about any category you liked, or you know most (like mobile phones, networking, e-commerce or even you can start tutorial or teaching blog, etc.

For this you need to have these:

  1. Laptop or PC (It is difficult to do it from a mobile phone)
  2. Articles as much as you can have (Another hint here)
  3. Research knowledge

If you have these things, then let’s start blogging.

There are a few steps to follow. I will provide some hints/tricks you won’t probably found on any other sites. 

  1. Gather Articles
  2. Pay or free for publish your blog
  3. Get traffic
  4. Here is how you earn

Gathering Articles

This is the hardest part of blogging. Obviously, you need to have proper and relevant articles to your blog, which must have a minimum of 500 words. More words more traffic. If your main interest with your blog is to advise the people about nutrition and food, then don’t get or type articles about smartphones just after you publish the blog. Because you first need to get the attention of the people who are walking around the internet (More traffic). For that, you need to have a proper heading. Please make sure to have one heading and hundreds of articles about it. After some time of having lot audience, change the heading slowly. Like if you start the blog with nutrition then after some time turn the topic (If you want) to gym training or something like that. 

If you can write articles, it is easier or else, there are ways of finding articles. There are sites which will provide you with free articles like ezinearticles.com, articlesphere.com 

But be sure not to use the entire article itself copy & paste on to your blog. Sometime it will affect your income badly. So you some tricks like scrambling words and paste it. 

But there are risk-free methods like using Fiverr or Upwork or any freelancing sites where you can buy articles which are not published in anywhere else.

But I am personally highly recommending you to write articles by yourself.

Pay or free publish your blog.

For paid and start your blog (which I recommend most) you need to register a domain name and pay for web hosting. You need to pay around $100 per year for both. It’s worth doing if you really need to earn money.

For domain name ($7-$15) you can try two sites where I recommend most. GoDaddy where you need to pay like $10 per year. Another site is NameCheap, where the cost is around $10.69 per year. Annually you need to pay the same amount you paid on startup. 

For web hosting, you need to pay $10 per month. You will probably think it’s not worth when I tell you this. For the year it’s $120, but if you pay for a year at once, it will be less than $120. But don’t think this is not worth it. I will tell you why next heading.

There are sites like BlogSpot where you can publish your blog freely. But there are disadvantages. Because the earning amount will be less.

Here is my trick/tip for you:

 If you are afraid of your own blog thinking it won’t get more traffic, then try BlogSpot. After when you get more traffic, then register. It will be less trouble.

Get Traffic

Little bit tricky part in here. The most important thing here is to use the most popular keywords for headings. So automatically search engines will show your blog in the top. For this, you can use Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media to get more people on to your blog. The more traffic you get, the more quickly search engines will get you. But please don’t be a spammer. If you comment or publish your link unwisely, your social media account will get banned. I will make more articles about traffic and SEO later.

How to EARN

This is the main part. Because you do all of these to get money to your pocket. I have mentioned in the beginning making a blog is one of the major ways of earning money. Because by using a blog, you can mix more than one category with this. You can do affiliate marketing, linking your YouTube channel to this site and also the major way is called AdSense.

AdSense is one of the most trusted money earning powered by google. By the name google, yes! You can trust this. But I am not telling this is easy. Because if trying to lie google AdSense by doing illegal activities, they will return you the same. AdSense simply publish advertisements in your blog. For that, you need to give them all the information about you and your site. They will check your site and give permission to publish google ads. They will pay around $2-$5 for every 1000 visitors. But be advised, you cannot click those ads. It’s against their policies. (Mistakenly clicking can be allowed, but don’t click many, or you will get banned) I mentioned that Google would return you the same if you lie to them. Yes! They will. Google AdSense will not ban you until you trying to withdraw your minimum amount of withdrawal $100. Until that they will act like fools. So don’t get banned.

 Unfortunately, you can’t connect your free blog site with AdSense. That is why it’s best to have a registered blog.

Some scammers will come to your website and click the adds to ban you intentionally. There are some security steps to follow. I will explain it in another article.

Now I think you have already realized this is one of the significant ways of earn from Blogging in 2020. By having high traffic and great articles, you will get a high income (more than $500 per month). But please don’t get banned. If you get banned, it is difficult to get the account back, and all the attempts will be wasted. I will promise you to publish more articles on traffic and security of the blog.

So is it possible earn from Blogging in 2020 ? Of course if you find the right way to do it you gonna succeed.

What you think about earn from Blogging in 2020. If you find this article was helpful share it for your friends.Also check out more articles from Here. 

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