What is Coin Mining and how to earn in 2020

Today we are gonna talk about What is Coin Mining and how to earn in 2020. Coin mining? Is this bank robbing? No, my friend. This is about earning a lot of money just by doing small stuff. In this article, I will talk about:

  1. What is Coin Mining?
  2. What do we need to have for Mining?
  3. Methods of doing it.

What is Coin Mining?

 To get gold, the people do Mining. (You obviously don’t need to know how the hell the mine a gold.) Likewise, to get these crypto coins’ miners have to mine the internet. There are various types of coins. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Lightcoin and etc. You have no idea how much these coins will be in dollars. 

 1 Bitcoin = $7044

 1 Ethernium = $169

 1 Lightcoin = $42.74

 1 Binance Coin = $15.55 (Rate might be change)

You see. This much of money for one coin? That is why this is so much hard. There are thousands of fake sites which are going to get your money. So just follow the money withdraw proved sites. 

Things Needed to Mine

 You don’t need to have expertise knowledge for two methods of Mining. For one, yes.

  1. Computer/Laptop/Smartphone
  2. Bitcoin wallet. There are many wallets like coinbase, blockchain and etc.

Methods of Mining.

 To mine these coins, you have four methods.

  1. Pay for a site and mine (Choose trusted sites)
  2. Make a computer and mine
  3. Work in sites which will provide you coins
  4. Find free mining site and mine and get busted

Do not even think to find free sites. I have seen, and I waited over weeks until their withdrawal level, and when I try to get the mined amount, they asked to the first option. So it’s useless to try to find free sites telling they will mine you for free.

Pay for a site

 I am not suggesting this if you don’t have money. Because you need to pay a minimum of 0.001 – 0.005 bitcoins. This means like $7 – $35. For the minimum amount of the package maximum, they mine around 0.0001 per day. I don’t know. If you are so much sure about this, you can buy a package and wait till they mine. I am not recommending this until you earn some money.



Make a computer and mine.

 For Mining, it takes your processor. If you see a video about how they min and the sound of those machines running, you will understand that normal computers or laptops will not hold that much force. I even don’t know much about this heading as many people say it’s not worth. Because even you build a massive computer, the electricity cost and other stuff will just tally or get higher than the amount we mine. So feel like it’s useless. So I didn’t search for it.

Doing some work for those miners

This method is somehow a good one. As you will earn satoshi (100,000 satoshi = 0.001 BTC = $7) from doing those works. There are different sites and apps providing these. But again, I will show you some popular and legit sites where you can try.


 Coinpot is a site where you can even store coins and also can use to mine. This site will provide you with different other sites providing you 10- 40 satoshi just visiting there and wait till the time passed. You just need to click submit, so you earn coins and tokens. (Tokens where you can trade into coins) I will make another article providing tricks in this site.


 Same as the Coinpot. This site also gives sites where they pay you with satoshi.

These sites will give you probably a small amount of money. But if you can invest that earned coin to the auto mining site and then yes, you might get some cash. I will bring another article providing you with more tricks and tips with this crypto coin mining.

I think now you have better idea about What is Coin Mining and how to earn in 2020. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.Also check out more articles from Here.

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