How to do survey and earn from survey in 2020

How to earn from survey in 2020 is the topic we are gonna talk about today.

  1. What is a Survey, and how to do them?
  2. What do we need to do a survey?
  3. Legit web sites that pay you more.
  4. Here’s also a TIP.

What is a Survey?

If you don’t have any idea of how to do the others, you can try this. But most of the sites do not pay you much money. Because of this, surveys are my least favourite option.

Surveys are just a regular bunch of questions asked by a website to get an idea about the people. They collect more data from you, which are very much needed for business fields. 

For example, they will ask, what do you like most? 

Option 1: Chocolate

Option 2: Pizza

If you select chocolate, they will ask like,

Option 1: Dark Chocolate

Option 2: White Chocolate

By this, they can sell that information to the people who need it. So you just need to answer a whole bunch of questions and earn money. For like 10 question bundle you will probably get $0.1 – $1. The paying amount increases as the number of questions increases. 

What do we need?

For this, you must have

  1. Computer/Laptop/SmartPhone
  2. A lot of patience

Yes! Only these two is essential for the survey. If you have these two, you can just start doing surveys.

Legit survey sites

This the hardest part. Because there are thousands of spam sites related to surveys. Because many people start their online job journey by doing surveys. I have also made the same silly mistake and ended up losing lots of data and time. I found some legit websites. (I stopped doing it as I got boring answering lots of questions. It’s just annoying) 

  • Vindale Research – pays $0.5-$2 (Here, they mentioned how much time it takes to finish a survey.)
  • Paidera- pays $0.16 – $1 (You need to find the question and the answer inside thousands of advertising banners)
  • Bankrollbucks- (Limited countries)
  • Paidviewpoint – You can earn money for just signing up, isn’t that awesome. You can earn up to $15 per day.


If you are starting to do a survey, please go and visit surveypolice where they have a track of every survey sites. They will review the site you are going to work. If it’s not in there, go to YouTube and searched the keyword <site name> payment proof. So you can see that the site actually pays you. 

One of the another best ways of earning from a survey is to get a lot of referrals to your account. Many survey sites have referral programs which will give you a decent profit. For an example, some sites will pay $0.1 for a referral, or there are sites pays 50% of the referrals withdraws (Friend don’t lose their money obviously) Just think one friend withdraws $100, you will get $50. And if you have ten friends like that? $500 just by friends.

 Finally, I need to tell you this is not the best option I will take if I were you. Because this takes lots of time, and you need to work hard, unlike blogging or affiliate marketing. You need to work until you get money. And if you stop doing, you need to keep trust on referrals as if and only if they withdraw money, you get paid. If you are able to do something else like freelancing and that stuff, please give your priority to them.

So what you think about earn from survey in 2020 let me know about your ideas in comment section. Also check out more articles from Here.


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