How to make money online as a musician [Ultimate Guide]

best websites to earn money for musicians

Can anyone make money online as a musician. Due to COVID-19, many industries have fallen and some cannot grow again even after one or two years. Because many of those industries need people to gather or stick around just like musical shows.

Yes. Musicians are also having this problem now. So many new musicians tend to make money online as a musician. Why I said, new musicians? Because already the musicians who make great money by doing shows are trying these methods.

They have managers, social media handlers, and even people to search for new stuff on the internet. So this is for new or small group musicians to earn money online.

I have the best strategy to earn respect from the audience as well as gain more and more viewers or buyers for your music. But before beginning your online earning, you must follow these. Otherwise, you will be ended-up broken. So read these first.

Things You Must Follow Before Making Money Online

Do not Copy Others’ Products

This is the #1 Rule in any Online Products. You must not duplicate any others’ music. Some newbies are trying to duplicate others’ music and get the attraction of the listeners. It is some sort of good strategy but will not last long.

Because it is just another product and you are not the owner. If you can make something better, then you will get a reputation as well as a name that will recognize you. So try to use your Music if you want to earn money or publish your name.

If you are a singer, then try to change the melodies, tones and make the song to your product. That way even the product is someone else’s you will not get bad reputations. But change the product in a good way. Do not change the song to a bad version. It will destroy you.

Let the Audience Feel What You Make

Do not let the Audience feel bored. Always try to entertain them by offering them the same feeling which you want to show by your music. It must be emotional. People love to get emotional. So try to grab your audience with your music.

Most people make the worst boring music and but make a better video thinking the video will grab the audience. It is a lame way of grabbing the audience. So try to attract your people with your music expressing the best feeling with the music.

Do Not Target Money.

This is the worst reason that many musicians or artists failing in their field. Music or Art or any of those subjects are coming from the heart or the soul of the person who makes it. This is a job that connects two or more souls. So do this as a hobby or something you like. Do not produce music for money. That will ruin your carrier.

Try to make your carrier following these simple rules. If you break any rule, you will not keep up with your music carrier. Now let’s see the ways of making money online as a Musician.

The Best Ways of Earning Money Online

01. Work in Patreon

I separated Patreon from others because, in many sites which I researched about earning money as a musician, I saw that Patreon has the best review for earning money for every musician or artist.

It is a platform that allows you to publish your music and the community there will donate you (As I understand about it) This platform is one of the best in the music industry for every musician who would like to make their name on the top of the music field.

Many sites about earning money mentioned Patreon as an amazing platform which will do all the hard work for musicians and it is best for newbies. So check that out before trying anything else.

02. Sell Music on Sites

4.Sell Music on Sites

For this, you must follow the #1 rule. This is for the music producers. What you have to do is make music that is asked or requested by the buyers. You can use these sites for that.

What you have to do is simple. Make your music and upload them. But in Fiverr or Upwork, the buyers will come for you and ask you to make a music which according to the heading they provide.

03. Make YouTube Channel

This is the best option you have rather than those sites I mentioned to you. But here the process will take some time. But your name will rank very quickly which is helpful in many ways. I will tell them later. First, do these simple things and get the traffic to your channel.

  • Check other musicians according to your category (Rock or EDM or etc.)

Before making any music video, watch other musicians (I typed competitors. But no musicians are competitors as music is not a race or something like that) Get an idea of how they make music videos. Some musicians make good music and put a lame video which will ruin their music too.

Here do not copy others’ music. (#1 Rule) Just watch them to get some ideas about videos and the mistakes they have done. (which you must not have to do) Try and get an idea about the music category now trending and try to make music about that.

  • Try to make music with another YouTuber.

This way you can get some experience as well as you can get a lot of traffic to your account as the other YouTuber will provide a free shout out and send his traffic to you while you do the same for him. If you can get involve with popular YouTubers, you might get a huge chance of getting popular so quickly.

  • Publish your Channel

Social media publication is one of the major ways of doing this. For this make another page or account in any social media (tweeter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok might be the best options you have) Then put your YouTube videos in your profile.

That way people will come and visit your channel. You can also do some other things in here which I will explain down below.

  • Get AdSense

After getting 1000 subscribers as well as 1000 likes you can ask for AdSense which will pay for every visit. You can visit here to get some ideas about how to get more traffic to your YouTube channel.

04. Earn Money from Music Website

You can start a blog or website which will initially cost you some money but will be a huge opportunity to earn money as a musician. Starting a website will give you thousands of different opportunities that can promote your name and also earn extra cash. I will tell some of them but will not explain them a lot as I have different articles to explain them.

  • Link this to YouTube

You can link YouTube videos to this site as well as Site to the YouTube channel. You will get massive traffic quickly.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can sell different products on Amazon or eBay or any major sites for Affiliate Marketing. By selling others’ products, you can earn a commission. Always sell music instruments or music products as the people come to your site to hear music or learn music.

  • Sell your own products

You know that major musicians have their products for customers. You can design your products and sell them in Tee-spring and Red-bubble. Publish them on your sites. You will earn a lot of money.

  • AdSense

As in YouTube put Ads to your sites. This is another method of earning money.

Read until the end as there are some important strategies you must follow to earn some extra cash.

05. Teach Music

Every musician cannot teach music. If you are capable of teaching music you can refer to this article about teaching online and earning money. Most of the lessons are English. But there are some sites to teach Music.

Other than teaching in a site, you can make e-Books. You can sell them in the Amazon kindle store or eBay. There are so many more sites for that. But these sites are the top of the market.

06. Writing Songs

If you do not have the talent to perform what you have written, then you can submit your lyrics to ASCAP or participate in International Song Writing Competitions. You also can be friendly with someone capable of singing and start these all the methods sharing the profit.

07. E-concerts

These days many musicians are trying to start E-concerts due to Pandemic. Because people cannot gather as they usually gathered. This is an awesome idea that will not gather the people around you. This way you can ask your audience around the world to join. You can use sites like Concert Window, Stage-it, and also Gigee.

Here comes the Strategies or Tips you can follow to increase your Audience as well as your earnings.

Strategies You Must Follow

Go Live

What does it mean? Go Live? Yes. Use must go live on YouTube or TikTok or any platform you can. Go Live and sing songs or tell people to comment and you talk back like if they asked anything, you reply to the. That way you can increase the bond between the audience.

Use Skype or zoom or any platform which can start meeting and request music lovers to join and let them talk with you. That way they will always be in touch with you. Increasing bond with your audience will increase your traffic as well as you will get positive feedback.

You can also ask people to comment on any song title or their lyrics or sort of that, so you will sing them. That is also a trick that you can start doing so the audience will start commenting and they will be alert to your next video or music. Because they want to know is it about what they ask. Use these tricks and comment here if you succeed.

Private Surprises

This is something you can do on your own at first few times. Just record you surprising your parents or lover or any relatives or friends for Birthdays or Anniversaries or any other occasion. This way you can get the attraction of your audience and you can tell at the end of those videos, “if anyone needs that sort of surprising, just contact me.”

This way people will try to contact you. They will probably pay you. Even if they didn’t you can get respect. (Respect is something you need most rather than money)

Use your Site/Blog to attract Audience

As I mentioned earlier this is one of the best ways to make money online as a musician. Because people always go to the site of a celebrity as they know they will find everything that they need on your site. Best Equipment you are using for every single thing.

Let them search what they need by providing every single thing they need. That way audience will attract to your site.Then you can send that traffic to your YouTube channel or Affiliate Marketing or any place you want.

Use these strategies to earn some extra cash as well as get thousands or millions more viewers to your music. Here is another Advice. Do not go live until you have more than 1000 subscribers. Let that grow first. Then do these tricks.

This way you can climb from the bottom of the mountain to the top slowly. Do not get hurry and do the wrong things. Let your listeners grow slowly by doing these strategies


Let’s wind-up this make money online as a musician article about making money online as a musician. I have given sites that will help you to sell your products and also I have provided every single thing that I have discovered here to promote your brand or name. Just try to stick to every rule I have given you and follow every strategy I mentioned.

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