Free Cloud Mining 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

Ultimate Guide to Free Cloud Mining

Free Cloud Mining is one of the famous heading these days. As you know the price of one bitcoin has risen to more than $9000 (On the 10th of May. It can be different when you read the blog post) So most people try to earn even one Bitcoin to their wallet. Because of this, the competition has raised.

People love to search for Free Cloud Mining, Free Bitcoin mining, Free earnings, etc. Most people do not have money to pay for Best Cloud Mining Sites which you need to pay to start. Those people try to earn enough coins from some free mining sites to invest in those best-paying sites like me. 

First of all, you must learn all about mining cryptocurrencies. Then you will learn how to get away from scammers or fraud sites. There are thousands of bitcoin cloud mining free sites which are scams. I will let you know all the scam sites which I have encountered and the best sites which pay many people.

Let’s Learn these First.

01. What is Cloud Mining?

What is Cloud Mining

As you all know, to mine beneficially Bitcoin or Lightcoin or Dodge coin or any other cryptocurrency you must need powerful hardware as well as a good network. But that is just a dream to a common people like us. There are countries which have less electricity costs. (Georgia, Some places in China, etc.) Those companies move their best machines to those countries and start mining different cryptocurrencies. I meant by machines, not 2 or 3. They have hundreds of most powerful computers used in one facility to mine bitcoin.

Instead of mining like that what you can do is simply sign up on contract which is given by those miners. Those contracts stand for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or even lifetime. You can buy those contracts by paying them and you get the share of their profit. This is one of the greatest ways to invest your money online.

The best advantage in Cloud Mining is you need not open your browser or any other software the whole time. What you need to do is just sign up and collect your reward after the minimum threshold came.

02. Is it profitable to Mine in 2020?

Absolutely yes. Bitcoin miners are the people who hold the network of cryptocurrencies. But every 210,000 blocks, there is a halving happens. That means the mining reward is decreased by 50% and because of that, the price of the bitcoin increases significantly. As those analyzers say, this happens in every 4 years. 2020 is the 3rd time it is happening and due to that, the prices of the bitcoins will go up. Last time I checked the price of one BTC is $9100.

03. What do we need Before Cloud Mining?

Before starting your cloud mining journey you must need a cryptocurrency wallet. There are many wallets and here I will give you the best wallets I am using.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase has over 30 million customers in more than 100 countries. This is one of the best cryptocurrency companies in the world. Their main intension is to buy and sell bitcoins by using your bank account or debit or credit card.

Coinbase has a wallet that stores your coins. But you cannot send straight your coins from another site to the wallet. That is one of the drawbacks of Coinbase. But you can use the Coinbase account (Not the wallet) to receive cryptocurrencies that support Coinbase. (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.) Coinbase has a wallet app and also a normal account app for android and iOS allowing you to handle both easily while even you are on the road.

Paxful is one of the best trading company I ever known. It allows anyone to be a merchandise. You simply have to buy Bitcoins from another seller and sell them with a higher exchange rate. You will earn some profit.

The most important part here is that you can get Bitcoins to your local bank account, PayPal account, or many methods. You do not need to be feared. All the transactions are done by the seller. What you need to do is simply select which country and what is the bank account if you want to withdraw bitcoins to your bank account. They have vendors all over the world who will transfer your coins to any account you need.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain is a wallet that allows you to keep Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and USD Digital. They do not let you buy and sell options as Coinbase and Paxful. But you can keep your currencies securely as they have a high-security system.

You can download Blockchain wallet to Android or iOS smartphones. If you have bitcoins in another account, you can simply get them by sending your bitcoin receive address. It contains numbers and letters. But do not send Bitcoin Cash receiving address to receive bitcoins. You will lose your coins. People use these kinds of wallets to store their coins easily. 

04. How to Find Scam Sites?

There are thousands of scam or fraud sites to mine cryptocurrencies. They will fool anyone simply because of their attractive interface. I will tell you simple methods to find out about those scam sites.

  • They do not have a support service. Before paying any site or even starting any mining ask them something, not in the FAQ. Scam sites probably not include any fees when you are withdrawing. So ask about it. Because many scam sites ask you to pay when you withdraw BTC.
  • Check their license and the locations they are mining. You might find the same locations on many sites. That means simply they are a fraud.
  • They mine like Usain Bolt who is running to win 100m. No Bitcoin free mining sites mine like that. Scam sites mine too fast to get the attention of people who doesn’t know anything about it.
  • Check them in review sites. They might say something about it. Every reviewing site is not telling the truth. So be aware. Check for withdrawal proof.


Do not invest if you are feeling not okay. These sites are free mining sites which may be legit or scam. Some people received money and also people who do not receive a penny. So it is all up to.

It’s Time to Know Best Cloud Mining Free Sites

Best Cloud Mining Free Sites

01. Master Coin

Master Coin is one of the best sites I have seen in Free Cloud Mining Sites. You can mine different cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XMR, and Dodge coins.

Just after you have registered through this link, you will get 1000 GH/S and I get 25 GH/S FREE. (Thank you by the way.)

This site has a special feature that is not given by any other site. You can reinvest mined coins to increase the hash power. (Hash power or hash rate means the speed of the mining.) To increase the hash power, you just need to have 0.000001 BTC. (I used only BTC. That is why I know this only.)

Master Coin also gives you Bonus 1 – 25 GH/S (Hash power) in every hour. Sometimes it gives you hash power in 40 or 30 minutes. 

You can withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold.

  • ETC – 0.01058921
  • LTC – 0.03892036
  • ETC – 3.00000000
  • BTC – 0.00500000
  • XMR – 0.0600000
  • DODGE – 802.20427134

They have specially mentioned you do not need any deposit. So this is kind of awesome. Please go through the link. So I get 25 GH/S.

02. Indigo Coin

Indigo Coin is the same as the Master Coin when it comes to the Bonus and reinvesting part. I am not going to explain it again. Here are some different things about the Indigo Coin site. 

When you registered through my link you get 500 GH/S. You can increase that by getting bonuses and affiliate marketing. Here you can mine only BTC, LTC, DODGE, and XMR. 

There is something new here. That is, you can buy contracts too. They have 3 contracts which you can buy by paying coins or using the Perfect Money paying site.

  • 1-year Contract

Pay $1 and get 1000 GH/S

  • 2-years Contract

Pay $1 and get 700 GH/S

  • 5-years Contract

Pay $1 and get 500 GH/S

They have minimum withdrawal amount as follows:

  • DODGE – 1002.20427134
  • LTC – 0.03892036
  • BTC – 0.00500000
  • XMR – 0.3000000

You can register here and earn money without any hard effort. But do not spend money if you feel like it is not good. Just register now as it is FREE.

03. Solid miner

Solid Miner is another free bitcoin mining site. But they show you information that cannot be a fraud. They show you the full details when you need to buy any contract. 

To register you must paste any wallet receiving address to this site. Just after you registered they give you a free one-year contract. (which is very slow) You can earn 0.00001 BTC per day. In this contract, you will get an affiliate rate of 3% too. If someone buys a contract, you will get 3% of it.

Solid Miner seems to be legit because they have two sets of contracts.

  • 6 Months Contract


Price = 0.2 BTC

Per Day = 0.009 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 20%

Bonus = 0.04 BTC


Price = 0.5 BTC

Per Day = 0.0255 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 22%

Bonus = 0.15 BTC


Price = 0.9 BTC

Per Day = 0.054 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 25%

Bonus = 0.03 BTC


Price = 1.2 BTC

Per Day = 0.081 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 30%

Bonus = 0.5 BTC

  • 1 Year Contract


Price = 0.002 BTC

Per Day = 0.000045 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 7%

Bonus = 0.00025 BTC


Price = 0.015 BTC

Per Day = 0.000405 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 10%

Bonus = 0.0017 BTC


Price = 0.05 BTC

Per Day = 0.00165 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 12%

Bonus = 0.008 BTC


Price = 0.1 BTC

Per Day = 0.00375 BTC

Affiliate Bonus = 15%

Bonus = 0.015 BTC

This is the pricing for contracts and you can buy it if you like. As I said earlier, taking risks is up to you.

5 If you calculate 0.00001 BTC per day as a free account, you will notice that after 365 days you will earn 0.00365. The minimum withdrawal in Solid Miner is 0.0015. That means after 5 months you have registered, you will see if that is a fraud site or not by withdrawing your money.

04. Mining up

This is also one of my favorite Bitcoin Cloud Mining Free site. Because this site also lets you reinvest your mined value. Mining up will provide you a free one-year contract just after registering which has 50 Gh/s. Mining up is a cunning site which has full detailed reports. (that means I guess not a fraud site) You can buy hash power in any cryptocurrency from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dodge coin.

I said this is a cunning site because at the end of the year you will only mine 0.001506 BTC. But you need to have 0.0017 BTC to withdraw. They use this method so people just need to buy some hash power to earn missing 0.0002 BTC to withdraw. Minimum withdrawal for Ethereum is 0.035, Litecoin is 0.13, Bitcoin Cash is 0.03, and Dodge coin is 3800.

But Mining Up newest update provides you to earn some bonus every day by sharing their link in any network you like from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even blog, etc. But bonuses are given in DODGE coins. You can spin it and will give you from 10 – 100 dodge coins. If you begin tomorrow and assuming this bonus will be there for 365 days and you get 20 Dodge coins every day (It varies from 10 to 100. So the price can be increased.) you will earn 6700 coins. That means you can withdraw from Dodge coins if you like.

When you are buying their Hash power (Minimum is 150 Gh/s which is 0.0032 in BTC) they provide you full detailed report where they include the cost for electricity also. If you buy the minimum hash power in BTC you will get 0.00003765 (1.20% of your investment) per day and end of the month 0.0011. (36% of your investment) At the end of the year, you will earn 0.0137 (438% of your investment)

Mining up is a nice site you must try.

05. Keeper Crypto

This is something still I am checking about. You gain 1MH/s hash power and the weird part is that they mine dollars. When you mined $2 you can withdraw your values. You can have different plans in there and I am not going to explain this much longer as it seemed bit scam to me. Just login there and let it mine.

06. Hashrapid

I saw many YouTube channels show that this site pays you and this is a legit site. They also have withdrawal proof. I used Hashrapid but unfortunately, I didn’t receive my BTC. I guess it is because I used a Paxful wallet. For these sites do not use a Paxful wallet. Use coinbase or blockchain wallets. I do not know the exact reason why is that. But it is kind of true.

Just after you registered you receive free 0.00002 BTC per day, mining contract for a lifetime as well as 3 free spins in a game. That game has 5 different gifts. What you have to do is select 4 boxes from 16 boxes. If you get the BTC symbol in there, you will be awarded as follow.

  • 0 Symbol – 0.00002 BTC
  • 1 Symbol – 0.00005 BTC
  • 2 Symbols – 0.00015 BTC
  • 3 Symbols – 0.001 BTC
  • 4 Symbols – 0.01 BTC

That means even if you don’t get any symbols you still earn 0.00002 BTC.

Hashrapid also have 6 contracts for 6 months with many benefits.


Price – 0.003 BTC

Per Day – 0.00008 BTC

Bonus – 10 Lucky Spins


Price – 0.025 BTC

Per Day – 0.00075 BTC

Bonus – 20 Lucky Spins


Price – 0.05 BTC

Per Day – 0.00200 BTC

Bonus – 50 Lucky Spins


Price – 0.2 BTC

Per Day – 0.011 BTC

Bonus – 75 Lucky Spins


Price – 0.3 BTC

Per Day – 0.03250 BTC

Bonus – 100 Lucky Spins


Price – 0.48 BTC

Per Day – 0.06 BTC

Bonus – 175 Lucky Spins

Hashrapid will allow you to withdraw when your BTC comes to 0.002 BTC value. It will straight go to your account within 2 – 4 days. Some people said that they received within 2 hours and some said they waited for 2 weeks.

07. Mining Cheap

Mining Cheap is also the same as the previous site. But they offer different prices for their contracts as well as mine more than Hashrapid in a free account.

You can generate 0.000025 BTC every day with their free plan and you can withdraw your earnings when the total amount comes to 0.002 BTC. Your withdrawals will generally instantly but sometimes it takes longer than 2 hours.

Lucky Spin in here is different from others. They have 6 digits and you have to spin it. You will be rewarded as follow.

  • 0 digit 9 – 0.00001 BTC
  • 1 digit 9 – 0.00005 BTC
  • 2 digits 9 – 0.0001 BTC
  • 3 digits 9 – 0.0005 BTC
  • 4 digits 9 – 0.001 BTC
  • 5 digits 9 – 0.005 BTC
  • 6 digits 9 – 0.01 BTC

Mining Cheap also have 6 different contracts. But they are for 200 days.


Price – 0.003 BTC

Per Day – 0.0001 BTC

Bonus – 3 Lucky Spins and 0.0005 BTC


Price – 0.009 BTC

Per Day – 0.00033 BTC

Bonus – 5 Lucky Spins and 0.0015 BTC


Price – 0.03 BTC

Per Day – 0.00125 BTC

Bonus – 10 Lucky Spins and 0.005 BTC


Price – 0.1 BTC

Per Day – 0.005 BTC

Bonus – 15 Lucky Spins and 0.02 BTC


Price – 0.3 BTC

Per Day – 0.01875 BTC

Bonus – 20 Lucky Spins and 0.08 BTC


Price – 0.6 BTC

Per Day – 0.03850 BTC

6 Bonus – 25 Lucky Spins and 0.2 BTC

08. Free mining

This is the same as the Mining Cheap. You will generate 0.000025 BTC with your free plan. Their Lucky Game is the same as the Mining Cheap. So I am not going to explain it again. There is a difference here too. They have a contest for affiliates. If your affiliates earn BTC and you can rank in top 20 in their leaders board you will earn rewards from 0.0 BTC to 0.001 BTC.

Free mining has 5 contracts for 1 year.


Price – 0.002 BTC

Per day – 0.00006 BTC

Bonus – 5 Free Spins and 0.00015 BTC


Price – 0.015 BTC

Per day – 0.0005 BTC

Bonus – 15 Free Spins and 0.0025 BTC


Price – 0.05 BTC

Per day – 0.00175 BTC

Bonus – 35 Free Spins and 0.008 BTC


Price – 0.15 BTC

Per day – 0.00675 BTC

Bonus – 75 Free Spins and 0.03 BTC


Price – 0.35 BTC

Per day – 0.0175 BTC

Bonus – 125 Free Spins and 0.09 BTC

These are the Best 8 Bitcoin Cloud Mining Free sites which I have seen. You do not need to pay anything. I also felt these are scams. But after I saw many withdrawal proof videos I thought of trying and letting you know. So just signup and wait till you get your reward.


These free mining sites seems to be legit and I never wanted to push you to buy any contract. I want to teach you about the best free mining sites. By signing up without paying I do not think anything wrong will happen. So just register through these links as I get some bonus. Earn BTC from Free Cloud Mining and comment your success. Check Out More articles about online money from Here.

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