What are Freelance Online Job and how to earn from them

We are gonna talk about What are freelance jobs and earn from them.

Simply freelance means you work according to your time without any boss. This is for the professionals (Just kidding. Others also can do this.) If you are able to do web designing, logo designing, software designing or even can give likes or followers to someone’s social network profile (This is the place no expertise can involve. I’ll explain it) or even you can be cunning (I will discuss this later) Then this is the place. 

 For this you will need a few things;

  1. Computer or laptop
  2. Well knowledge on one or more subject (But don’t submit about all the interest parts)
  3. You need to be a person who is working on time

Freelance sites can be categorized into two main types.

  1. You put a gig and buyers will come and tell you to do a job.
  2. Buyers will submit what they want, and you need to send your work. They will decide who won it.

The first type is based on your profile. If you have a better profile, the more jobs you get. Basically, you will get in between $5 – $20. Fiverr, Upwork is two main sites which run the business now. Fiverr lets you publish whatever work you do in that account. The fixed amount for work is $5. You can increase it by adding different profits. For example, if you publish a gig telling “I will make a logo within two weeks for $5.” Then you can tell “I will do it within a week +$5” And also “I will allow you to make another logo with this +$5” If the buyer took both the options then you will get finally $15 only for one gig. But $1 will be taken by Fiverr.

For this, you need to have a strong, powerful profile. That is why this is so much hard for newbies. But there is a trick for that too. If you are a newbie, you must check other competitors’ accounts and get knowledge about how they work. Then you need to make a powerful account. (For this I will do an article later) Even after you make a powerful account, it’s not enough. You got to have reviews. For this, the trick comes. You can ask your friend to go to this site and tell them to buy your service and let them review you highly. As it comes to you and only $1 is spent to Fiverr, you can spend $5 and get five reviews (But you need to have $25 to buy five gigs)

Don’t worry, and some people work in Fiverr without doing this. So don’t be hasty. You need to be patient.

There are several sites for the second category. Design crowd is one of them. There the buyer will post the things they want (Mostly logo designing), and you will assign the best product that you can provide to them. You can do many tasks you want. There are jobs from $50 – $500. When it comes to the best-paying jobs, they will pay even the ten best logos too by $50 per each may be. This is worth trying. Only thing is the winning ratio is too low. You need to know your job more than 90% to get a winning. But if you win even one, Halleluiah! 

These are for the expertise of job seekers. But for the people who don’t know much about these, they can also join Fiverr too. They can do shout outs or banner holding on the road or any other stuff for even $5. For social media shout out, you need to have at least 10,000 followers and 1000+ likes. I will make an article just for the shout out, providing you with a huge trick you can do with this.

  Just to know that you can be expertise, or a nerd or anyone. But to earn money you need to scarify a lot. By sacrificing more will make you rest in future. You can visit this section to get to know about other categories you can choose. 

I think now you have some knowledge about What are freelance jobs and earn from them. What are your thoughts about What are freelance jobs and earn article.Also check out more articles from Here. Have a nice day !

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