How Software Programmers Earn Money Online

Software Programming is one of the best money earning methods in the world. But still, some people need to spend their free time earning some more money (Real billionaires also spend their time doing side jobs too) So they search “How to make money programming?” in the search engine to find out the best options they want. There are several reasons why Software Engineers must focus on earning money except earning money from their major earning method.

Reasons why Software Engineers need a Side Hustle?

People might have different reasons. Here I am going to give you some common reasons. Because there are people who visit these without knowing anything. 

  1. To Retire Early. So that you can just stay at home, enjoy your rest of the life with your family. To do that you need a lot of extra money. To earn those people, try to do side jobs which can be done even after their retirement.
  2. To spend their free time making money coding from home. That way they will not forget coding. Some people forget coding if they did not do any while staying at home. So they can work at home a little and earn some money.
  3. The beginners of Software Engineers may need some extra cash to pay their rent or fees to the university loan, etc.
  4. You might have already got retired and need some money doing coding. Then this will be the best blog to get some methods.

Because of these people try to find more side jobs which are easy to do at home. There are several methods of earning money online as a Software Programmer. But I divided that method into two major categories.

  1. Make Money Programming
  2. Make Money explaining/teaching Programming

Now let’s see how to make money coding at home

01. Make Money Programming

There are people who love programming and they need to earn money just doing some more programming. One of my friend who is good at programming use two or more programming languages to earn money. His main job at the company is about (as I know) Java/Python. But he does some side jobs on the internet (which are now I am going to explain) in another language. When I asked about that he said that he loves to learn and use more and more programming languages. 

I .Earning by doing Freelance

Freelancing is one of the best ways of earning money as a Software Engineer. If you are planning on early retirement or if you want a side hustle to keep doing even after your retirement, then this will be the best option you might have. 

Freelancing means (even in the name it says Free) doing your part without any stress. You are the boss of the business. What you have to do is divided into two main methods.

  • Publishing your Gig and let buyers come to you.

In here the best sites for you is Fiverr and Upwork. Choose your niche (Language you are choosing) then publish what you can do to the buyers. You can publish as developing software for them or fixing bugs, etc. 

  • You find sellers according to your category and do the job.

Design Crowd, freelance are some sites you can work. Here the buyers will publish what they want from you and there may be a lot of people publish what they can do. Then the buyers will choose who is the best and pay them. The amount is higher in here than in Fiverr or Upwork.

Remember in Freelancing, if you love to do anything else, like graphic designing or acting as a Virtual Assistance or video Making or anything, this will be the best option you have.

You can find more about freelancing Here.

Click here to learn more about Fiverr. I have written all the information needed to start and earn money in Fiverr.

II. Sell a Software you build

If you are good at Software Programming, you can make software or Apps that will earn you a lot of money. If you make an app, do you know that it will turn into a passive income? 

First of all, do a small research about the App marketplace. Then make a decent app that might help the users to do their work. Then get the permission by the AdMob and (They have several rules and regulations. You better read them before publishing) publish your App to the android play store. Then try to promote it on social media and other platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. When you get more and more users, you will earn a lot from AdMob. Do some Updates and see whether it is going well. 

If you are good at making software, you can go to local stores and see what they are missing. Then suggest to them that you will make a software which will give them this much of benefits. Then make a software for them. Remember. Try to make the first 3 software to a cheap amount. But after you have build-up your name, raise your amount.

III. Hunt for Bugs
Hunt for Bugs

As you all know that “Nothing is Perfect” means that no one in the world can make a 100% bug-free software. You can make this as an opportunity. Be a bug hunter and find the bugs. There are some bug hunters (The name is kind of cool. Isn’t it?) who earn more than $500 per month doing this as a side job. 

There are several sites which will earn you a lot by doing this.

  • Bug Crowd
  • Fire Bounty
  • Vulnerability Lab
IV. Involve Coding Contest

If you love to challenge the others, this is the best option you have. Do not think that this is like drinking a cup of coffee.

Not easy at all. What you have to do is choose a website or every site, if you can handle them. Then participate in those contests. If you win, you will not only earn money. But a name for your future works. If you want to higher the salary or you want a new job, then this winning will help you to move up easily.

It is not the winning I want to show you in this method. You can get new ideas by going through those competitions. What you have to do is involve in a competition and get the ideas and learn new skills. Winning the competition means something else. By improving your skills, you can be highlighted at the office easier than before. Even if you lose the competition, you still learn a lot. So try any of these sites and get some knowledge or earn some money.

  • Top coder
  • Hacker Earth
  • Code Chef
  • Google Code Jam
  • Coding Bat
  • Interview Bit
  • Code forces
V. Make WordPress Plugins/Themes
Make WordPress Plugins/Themes

If you are good at developing WordPress Themes and Plugins, this will be a gold mine for you. What you have to do is make themes and plugins which look decent, smart, easier to handle, and less bugs. There are more than 60,000 plugins on the internet right now.

Oh! Is it worth to fight those 60,000? 

Yes! It is worth doing this. Because more than 45% of them are having major bugs. My friend has tried many themes to fit this blog. But there are more than hundreds of errors on them. 

These are the things that people need by themes.

  • Loading speed
  • Features
  • Reviews
  • Things that the users can make any difference.

If you are good at overcoming those problems making good eye-catching themes or useful plugins, then try this. If you want, you can ask the user to buy the product or add premium features or provide themes for free to gain more reputation.

These are the best sites to make money from Making WordPress Plugins/Themes

  • Theme forest
  • Mojo Marketplace
  • Theme Snap
  • Code Canyon

02. Make Money explaining/teaching Programming

Make Money explaining/teaching Programming

In earlier, I told them how to make money programming. Here you can earn money by teaching or talking about Programming. For this, you need not be a super programmer. But you must need to know the basics and special tricks regarding your programming language. Then work with it. Here are the simple ways of making money coding from home.

I. Build your Blog

This will be easy for a programmer. You know how this is going on. So what you need to do is write blog posts as much as you can within the first 3 months. Write about one programming language in the first 6 months. Write everything you know from A-Z and what people will search for. 

Always tell the viewers to comment in the comments section, if they have any problem with it. Get their email addresses. That will be useful for the other methods.

Always do SEO and get the best traffic gaining heading and write blog posts according to it. After the first 3 months, you probably can put 20 to 40 posts. (More than 1500 words is better) Then ask for AdSense or any other Advertisements to your blog. 

After the first 6 months, if you want, you can change the blog and add another language to it. If you like, you also can make another blog for your well known another language. Then focus more on writing articles to the new blog while promoting your previous blog.

Here you will learn everything about making money by creating a blog.

Create a YouTube Channel about Programming

This is one of the best ways of earning money online. Before making any channel try to learn other programming channels. By learning how they work with it, you could get a lot of traffic to your channel easily. 

As in the blog, method try to publish 20 or more videos in your first 3 months. Remember this. Making a YouTube channel is easy. But getting views and earning from it easy difficult. So always try to upload quality and attractive videos for this. People like me always go to YouTube for a bug that can happen while coding. So you better do videos about installing or downloading software and also how to work with it. 

You can learn more about the YouTube channel Here.

III. Teach Online about Programming
Teach Online about Programming

This method is the best suit for people who love to teach and people who can teach without boring. You can also create courses which can be sell. You can also conduct lectures about programming languages. 

The downside here is the time consumption to make a course and assemble it in an order. You know it is not a simple task to do. Because programming is a wide lesson with infinity questions.

These are some platforms where you can be an online lecture.

  • Udemy
  • Bit Degree
  • Udacity
  • SkillShare

You can also try this blog post to teach online to students different subjects like ICT, Mathematics, English, etc.

IV. E-Book Writing

This is another major way of getting a passive income. What you have to do is simply to again a bit hard. 

Why it is simple and hard both?

Because you need to find the best heading for your book and also the best images. Not only these but also you must get a traffic earning niche as well as you must know better about the topic. This is the harder part. Easy parts are you can write whenever when you are free. You have to sell as many as possible and even after a few months or years, you can earn money. 

You can sell your EBooks on these platforms.

  • Amazon Kindle book
  • Scribd
  • Kobo writing
Try this Trick also

Do you know StackFlow? I bet you know that web site. If you don’t know about it, then go now and register in there. It is free to join. In there you can ask questions and you can answer questions. If you have given good answers, you will get reputations which can lead you to a good post in any online job. StackFlow has its job category where you can see them and apply them. But before applying to any job, try to earn a reputation. More reputation you get, more chances of getting a job. Go now and get some knowledge about it.  


As a Software Engineer, you can earn online more than $1000 per month. But do your job. Give more priority to it. Because having an online job does not mean you are stable. You must always try harder than yesterday to keep your earning stable. Having a local permanent job as a Software Engineer means a lot more than being an online earner. If you love to make money coding at home, try these as a full time. Otherwise earn money as a side hustle.

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