How to earn Money by Listening to Music

earn Money by Listening to Music

What are you doing when you get free time? Most of you will tell me that you will listen to music so do you want earn Money by Listening to Music. Yes! People love to listen to music. Listening to music will not only give you pleasure. It will reduce your stress and calm your mind letting you work a lot more than before. So how about spending your free time make money by listening to music? Isn’t it wonderful?

Things you must follow

The first is first. What you have to do is signup on any website which I am about to reveal. 10 best websites pay you for listening to music. So choose any and register. After they approve your account, you can start listening to music. Then they will pay you after you review them. I will give a strategy that you can use to earn more than $500 per month by this simple earning method even working as a side job.

Why do they pay you?

Because they need the feedback of the music listeners. If the song gets more reviews, it will go to the top list and they earn money for providing reviews. So what you have to do is, just listen and give your valuable review honestly. Remember this. Most of those websites may have a reputation system that will allow you to earn money more if you review more and more. 

Let’s see The Best Sites to Make Money Listening to Music

01. We Localize

This is a website it something different. What you have to do is listen to any music they provide and earn money by providing lyrics to that song. They pay you $4 per each lyric you submit. Soo easy task. But you must need to know English as well as need to be a good listener. 

I will give you a strategy at the end of this article to earn money on this site more easily. You can withdraw your money in We Localize through wire transfer.

02. Radio Earn

As in the name, you need to listen to radio music. This will pay you for listening to music and they pay you every 15 minutes of listening. Radio Earn will pay you 0.25 points for every 15 minutes and 1000 points mean $3. They also have an affiliate program for 3 levels. You will earn 1%, 3%, and 5% of the points which your friends or people who registered through your link. They will pay you via PayPal. 

Here I will give you some strategies you can use to earn money. Make a web site which is a link to this. (They allow you to do that) Then let many people hear them. If you have 100 daily visitors to your site and everyone listens to music for only 30 minutes, you will get 50 points daily. You will earn 1500 points at the end of the month. As a passive income, you can $3 for the minimum. You know for those radio websites, there are more than 1000 daily views. So simply without doing anything, you can earn a lot.

03. Cash4minutes

This is also a site based on Radio. But here you have to call. This is kind of weird. But this is actually one of the best ways of earning money. They have over 48,000 users and paid more than 11 million Euros. But you need to have unused calling minutes. Because they especially mentioned it is a must.

What you have to do is just call numbers listed on the site and listen to the radio music/song playing. Cash4minutes allow you to add 10 numbers. That means you can earn 10 times if you have 10 numbers with unused minutes.

For every 5000 minutes, you earn $10. That means for every one minute you can earn $0.002 to $0.008. Cash4minutes will pay you via PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or even can transfer to Amazon Gift cards.

04. Playlist Push

To earn money from this site, you need to pay some cash first. First, you must need to make an account in Apple Music or Spotify. For this, you just need to get a monthly or yearly subscription. After that make your playlist with some newest songs (or the oldest. It doesn’t matter) and try to get 400+ followers. 

Artists pay people to review most viewed playlists and get an idea. So that these artists can make music according to the most viewed music styles. Playlist Push is the site that connects those people who review (you) and songs. 

What you have to do is wait until artists give you a song. Then listen to it and review it. If you really love it, add to your playlist. You will earn $1 to $15 per review and the money will be transfer through PayPal.

Slice the Pie

This is also based on reviews. Listen more than 60 seconds of the song and write a short review about it. The more ratings you get; the more money you will earn. You can earn $0.02 to $0.3 per review. You must need to have a $10 minimum to withdraw your money. And at the end of the article, I have some tricks to get more ratings for your review.

06. Research FM
Research FM

As in the name, this company research radio companies. Just register on their site by providing your phone number. This is a well-ranked legit site. So do not worry. Research FM will call you and ask you to send them your email. Then whenever a survey appears near your location or any case, you will be informed by sending an email to you. If you like, you can join them. Then do the surveys.

These surveys are not to choose anything as in other surveys. You have to tell the wrong or mistakes or good about the video or audio file they are sending you.You can earn points for every finished surveys which can be converted into Amazon Gift Cards.

07. Hit Predictor

This is a site which gets reviews from you before spreading the newest songs of newbie artists (There may be some popular artists too) What you have to do is simple. Listen to music and then rate them. You will get 3 points per each song. You can exchange those points to Amazon Gift Cards and prizes. 3 points equal to $1. So if you rate 10 songs, you will earn $10.

08. Music XRays

Music Xray is one of the best sites for new music artists and writers who need a lot of fans. What they have to do is pay this site and publish their songs. Then the users like you will listen to them and review. Then this company will pay you for your reviews.

Songs are mostly 30 seconds long and by reviewing, you will earn 10 cents per song. You can earn money via PayPal when your earnings get $20. Listening to 30 seconds of music is easy. So try this too.

09. is an app for Android/iOS which provides a good passive income by listening to music. You can earn points that can be converted into money by active in the app. Listen to music or there are many features in that app that can earn you more than $50 per month. will pay you via PayPal or you can also redeem Amazon Gift Cards by points. 

10. Earnably

This website is not only for listening to music. But also have various earning methods.

  • Surveys- You will earn 20 – 50 points by answering
  • Advertisements/videos Watching- Earn 1 – 3 points.
  • Playing Games
  • App- You can earn 8 points per every app you installed and can earn 100+ points for reaching a certain level.
  • Signing up- 10 – 50 points for every free signup. But more for credit card information. 

You can withdraw your money to PayPal when your points get 225. That means $2. But you will get a better chance to earn more if you convert more points at once. Earnably not only pays you to PayPal. But also they pay in Bitcoin or Amazon Gift Cards.

These are the best 10 sites which will pay you for listening to music. But you must know that nothing in these sites can use as a job to live. Making money listening to music is a side hustle that will help you to pay your bills or some support to earn some extra cash.

As I said earlier in some sites, there are different strategies you can use to earn more money by listening to music.  If you enjoyed this article make sure to leave a comment and Read more articles from Here.

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