How to earn money by Walking [ apps that pay you to walk ]

How to earn money by Walking

In this article I am going to talk about apps that pay you to walk. Are you a person who is walking a thousand or more daily? Even it is because of your exercises or work or any other matter, do you know that you can earn money by it? ( If you want a full-body workout, click here )  

Some people walk to shape their body or to reduce their weight or for a sport or just because they love it. But from those who walked, only a few know that there are apps that pay or reward you for your walking. 

I have searched many sites and gather a vase knowledge about this heading. But still, I might just have missed some apps. If so, please feel free to comment on them. 

These apps may be paying you some cash, but do not think that you could live with it. This is a side hustle to earn some few bucks. You can turn your effort into walking into money or charity donations or even for discounts. So let’s see what are the best apps that pay you to walk.

Best Apps Reward You for Walking

01. Carrot 2.0

This is one of the most trusted apps which was launched in 2015. But due to lack of funds this company closed in 2019. But now, they have returned.

According to the news, at the time this post is writing the app is ready to launch. If this works similar to the previous app, I will explain that to get some knowledge.

This app pays you in 5 different ways,

  • Drop points
  • Scene points
  • Petro-Points
  • Aeroplan Miles 
  • Rewards

Not only by walking, but you also can earn money by doing some surveys about health and exercise. Once you installed this app, it will analyze your daily steps and set up a Step Goal.

If you complete the Step Goal challenge 5 times per week, you will get rewards. You also can challenge your friends to get some rewards.

02. Runtopia

This app pays you not only to walk but also to cycling and running. This app also has in-app build training programs for weight loss, warming up, etc. Here they will provide some of their services only for premium membership. But do not worry. Most of the programs and features are for free.

If you start doing exercises and all those things with Runtopia, you can earn Sports Coins which can be converted in to free memberships, coupons, and also for PayPal. 

You must also need to know that this Sports Coins expire every year on March 1st. So use them before the expiry date.

03. LifeCoin

LifeCoin is another app that helps you to do your walking and this is a one of the apps that pay you to walk. The only downside here is that you only can earn up to 5 LifeCoins per day as well as you cannot walk on the treadmill. You must walk outside. Because this app has a GPS tracking ability.

You can also earn 10 LifeCoins if you join their premium membership. You have to pay $4.50 (It can be varying with the time) per month. Having a premium account is a good choice for the beginners as they provide Azumio premium with this LifeCoin membership. Azumio means a group of apps about health, exercises, and Fitness.

This app will reward you with different products like Airpods or headphones or any other product. But this product changes with the time and if they remove the product it will never come back. So use your Coins for the best products which are useful to you.

04. SweatCoin

SweatCoin is same as LifeCoin. You must walk outside. No treadmill and you cannot walk around a small circle. 

You will earn 1 SweatCoin for every 1000 steps. (This also can be varying with the time) You can then use these SweatCoins to redeem your rewards. As in LifeCoin, you must wait till you get the best product to buy as they almost every day.

05. Charity Miles

This is an app for people who like to do charity work. In here they will not pay you money to walk but they will pay money for charities. They have almost 40 charities and what you have to do is to select one charity from those charities and walk. Charity Miles will measure the distance you have walked and donated money for the relevant charity you have selected. 

But how they donate money?

They have more than 8 sponsors who advertise their products here. By using that money, Charity Miles will donate money to charities in the world. So if you are interested in donating money, yes! This is the place for it. 

06. Lympo

Lympos is a great app not only for walking but also for running. This app has walking and running challenges that are updating daily. They have LYM tokens which are given to winning the challenges. All the challenges seem to be easy and you can earn a lot of LYM tokens by using this app. 

The only downside in Lympo is that they do not pay you money. You can redeem products that are in the app. But they have announced that they will provide Amazon gift cards for LYM tokens. When you are reading this article, they might have given it.

07. PK Rewards

This is a great app for people who do workouts. They pay you not only for walking but also doing workouts or hiking or riding a bicycle or just exercises.

PK Reward was previously named as PK Coin. In here the procedure is simple. 

You have to connect your Apple Watch or Bluetooth trackers or even phone is enough. Then click Start Earning. Then do your workouts and everything. They have good programs to track your workout accurately.

After finishing your workout ends the calculations. Then you can get your score. This score is calculated by the time you spend on workouts. So the more you exercise, the more money you earn. You can redeem your rewards by using the coins. They have various major brands like Nike, Amazon, etc.

08. Achievement

Achievement is another app which is not only for earning money by walking. You can also earn money by riding a bicycle, hiking, swimming and even they pay you by tracking sleep, the food you take, meditating and even you can earn by surveys, etc. They have charities also if you want to donate your money. 

But the downside of this app is the slow payment and to earn $10 it will take nearly 4 months. Because you have to get 10,000 points which is equal to $10.

You can track your running and those things you do by over 30 trackers including Apple Health, Strava, Samsung Health, Misfit, etc.

09. MapMyFitness

MapMyFitness has many apps related to fitness. MapMyWalk, etc. This is also an app related to earn rewards. But the thing is as I know there are no coins or tokens.

They will give challenges and if you win them, you will earn some rewards which are from other fitness companies.

10. FitFetti

Do you want your loved ones to do exercises or workouts? Then this is the best app to suit you. FitFetti is good for people who love to push their loved ones to do some weekly based workouts.

What you have to do is sponsor your loved ones.When they complete their weekly challenge, you can pay them via Amazon credits. Every week they can earn them. 

11. StepBet

This is one of the best tricky app you can have to challenge your steps. This app will track your steps and give you a goal. But not with the other apps, you have to bet. The betting amount is around $40 and here you might win money or lose them. Because of this trick, people try to win. Push themselves towards their boundaries.

In here you must do your workout for six weeks. Even if you so the best of you can in the first week and stop doing in the other weeks, then you are lost. Try this tricky game to earn some cash and push your fitness boundary.

12. Higi

Higi is an easy operating app that pays you for walking. What you have to do is simply join the app for free and do your workouts. Then this app will automatically update your points. These points can be converted to many rewards. They have connected with many major brands. You can also track your fitness by using Nike+, Strava, Omron, endomondo, etc.

The only downside of this app is most of the rewards will only provide you discounts. So some time to redeem your gifts, you have to pay some cash.

In here you can recruit friends and earn some points. You can track your friends’ points and make a competition. This way you can build your fitness as well as push your boundaries of fitness furthermore.

Trick you can try

This is a simple trick which you can try to increase your earnings or rewards. What you have to do is try to put two or more apps on a single phone. If you have 2 mobile phones, try it. You might get a better chance of earning cash or rewards. This is the last app from all the other apps that pay you to walk.Try this and comment.


These are the simple apps that pay you to walk. Actually, in here you can earn money not only for walking but also for hiking, running, meditation, eating, swimming, etc. So try these to earn some cash/rewards to make money while you building your fitness.

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