How to Make Money on Instagram 2020 [Ultimate Guide]

How to Make Money on Instagram 2020

Making money on Instagram is so popular these days. That allows me to dig some sites, eBooks as well as some videos to gather some important ways of earning money on Instagram on 2020. 

Instagram has over a billion monthly users and among them, a lot of the active users are below age 40. That makes Instagram as a wonderful app/site to earn money by using teens. 

There are several things you must need to follow before earning money on Instagram. Let’s check them out.

Things You Must Do Before Earning Money Online

01. Choose a Niche

Choosing the Niche is one of the easiest part of this process. To make money on Instagram, you must have a proper Niche that will attract many people all over the world. Many people beg others to follow them and like their photos. That is the worst thing you will ever do. 

Having a proper Niche will make you the top of the Niche based search on Instagram. If you have uploaded more than 100 photos according to your Niche, even you have 100 followers, you will be directed instantly if someone searches about any tag you used.

For example: – If you have uploaded different photos/banners about Sports Niche, your photos and tags will be shown in the discovery tab in many users who searched about any tag you used. Instagram has the same algorithm used by Facebook, TikTok, or any other social media have. 

So do not publish different Niches in your account. Upload many photos as much as you can according to your Niche to have a great audience.

02. Make Organic Audience

This is the hardest part of Instagram. As there are many people already have different audiences with more than millions of users, it might be hard to get good organic followers at your first stages. But if you try hard with these simple words, you might get more than 1000 followers within a week. Some methods may give you 1000 followers within a day. But they are mostly ghost followers. (Ghost followers mean that people who do not like or even see your posts. To earn money in Instagram, you do not need any ghost followers)

  • Follow and Like your Competitors

First, search your Niche in Instagram. Then Follow all your Competitors and Like their posts. That way you will make a connection with your Niche. By doing this Instagram will know about your Niche and will show only which is going parallel to your Niches.  

  • Follow the likers

Do not forget to follow the people who like the competitors’ posts. This will make them follow you back. More than 60% of them will follow you back. Then start uploading your photos.

03. Do Everything with a Quality

Do Everything with a Quality

While you are following and liking your competitors, get an idea about the quality of the posts they are uploading. Then try to post more attractive photos/banners which will catch your audiences’ eyes. This way people will view your photo.

04. Increase the Curiosity

Just telling a heading with a quality image will not give your post a good traffic. But if you can increase the curiosity as well as increase the knowledge of the readers, you will gain a lot of traffic. People mostly view unique and interesting posts only. So always try to get the eye of your Audience

After you achieve a good Audience, you can start to make money on Instagram. These are the top 4 methods of earning money using Instagram in 2020.

01. Be an Influencer

Be an Instagram Influencer

This is the most-trusted method to earn money on Instagram in 2020. What you have to do is display others’ banners or posts or images to sell their products or to gain traffic to their sites. Do you know that there are over 5K influencers on Instagram? That much of active influencers are there because it is truly help you to make money.

The method of earning as an influencer is not an easy task. There are some steps you must need to follow.

I. Build Trust with the viewers

To make trust, you just need to upload a lot of Niche based photos. That way the viewers or followers know that you know something about the Niche or the heading. In your description, add something valuable to readers other than tags. That way readers or viewers will read your descriptions. 

II. Start asking friends or celebrities to market

Then asked Celebrities or Friends that you are going to shout out their products or profile and for that tell them to do the same. In that way, you will generate a trustworthy audience. You will not earn money from them yet. But you can eventually make money. First, give something to take.

III. Build your path 

This is where you are going to start building money. You can keep doing the last step and go to any influencer marketing platforms which will pay you for giving traffic to the relevant sites or profiles. AspirelQ, Upfluence, Famebit, Fiverr, and Upwork are some best platforms to start doing it. (You can click Fiverr to learn A-Z about it) 

02. Work as an Affiliate Marketer

Work as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is the number one online earning method in 2020. You can make money on Instagram by using this method. First I will simply explain about Affiliate Marketing. (If you want to learn more, go to the link above.)

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means simply, you become the bridge that connects the seller and the buyer. What you have to do is select an Affiliate Marketing site or two (There are 15 sites in the above link) and get the links of any product which matches your Niche.

If you are uploading images or videos of Bikes or cars any vehicle, do not upload an image or small video about cloth. That will make your audience think You are out of your mind. So try to sell some relevant products. This is not any Pyramid base work. You do not need to buy anything. Just show the links and if someone bought your product by visiting through your link, you will earn a commission. 

  • How to Sell?

This is the part you just need to pay attention to. Selling your products as an Affiliate Marketer in any network is hard. On Instagram, it is a bit harder. You know that on Facebook or WhatsApp or any other marketplace, you can put your link in anywhere. But on Instagram, you can only put clicking links on your Bio. 

In every post you are trying to sell, always put your affiliate link in the description as well as in the post. Think if someone goes through it, you will earn a commission. So it is all about luck when it comes to non-clickable links.

So let’s see how to sell them by putting a clickable link in the bio.

01. Time-based Selling

This is kind of weird but will earn you some traffic. If you have a good audience, then put your affiliate link in the bio and promote it for like 2 weeks or one month by describing in every post to click the link in the bio or copy and paste the link in the browser. This way you will get a lot of traffic to your link until the time finishes. (If you want, you can publish the same product for years. But my opinion is to change the product)

Then after time finished change the link as well as posted images’ description to check the link.

02. Pay and get traffic

Do you remember what I said earlier about Give and Take? You can Pay Instagram to get traffic to your links. But you will spend some money. If you are a beginner, I will not recommend this option. Earn some money first. Then invest them.

03. Send traffic to another place where your links are

There are platforms like YouTube or your blog where you can easily show your link. So send the traffic to there. I will tell you how to do that in later of this article.

03. Sell your Products

Sell your Products on instagram

This is the same as Affiliate Marketing. But you will earn not the commission. You can earn the whole amount which is the product. Start your business in Shopify or any other platform. Then send your traffic to there. You can say it is your own product which will increase the trust of your followers.

Other than these things, you can also use Instagram to get help to make money on blogging and email marketing and etc. Because Instagram is one of the best platform which has more than 1 billion daily users. So it is filled with a lot of traffic. Just get some to your blog or any other place.

Traffic Generator

This is an easy task considering Affiliate marketing or any other selling things. What you have to do is simple. Put your blog URL in the bio and in every post tell the viewers to visit your blog to get more information. Curiosity is the main weapon you can use in this method. Show in posts that you know something and tell the viewers to get more knowledge in the blog or YouTube channel. That way you can earn a lot of traffic to your blog or any place. 

Use your blog or channel or any to start Affiliate Marketing and other stuffs. You can easily become rich. I have the best combination which will make you rich in here. 

Things you Must Know

Things you Must Know

Do not be Cheap

Remember, you are doing business by using Instagram. So do not do anything for a cheap price. Always try to keep your standard at the top of the peek. There are some buyers who will try to ask your support for a cheap price. For your first 10 buyers, it will be okay as you are a newbie. But after that do not do anything for a cheap price. Even you are at your newbie stage, do not go for the price which will show you as a fool. Make a standard and do the job.

Follow your Competitors

I said this early. I repeat this because you must do this. Try and befriend with competitors and get their knowledge. It’s not to fail them. But you to rise up. Do not unfollow any of your competitors. Maybe they would know things better than you or they will give publish posts about your niche before even know them. But never copy them. Just study more and try to compete with them by providing better information. That way you will come to the top before even knowing to you.

Having a competition will bring out a fortune if you know how to handle it. Otherwise, you will also be a looser. So try to overcome your competitors.

Try to Comment Back

Even if you have 100K followers and 10K comments, try to comment back. That way the followers or the viewers know that you are active as well as you will be there if they need some help with your Niche or your products or any. Having more comments will raise your posts in the discovery tab.

There are people who really love to see someone comment them back. So just doing a simple thing will bring you a great fortune. Just Thank them or Appreciate their comment or tell them that you will check their problems or any relevant reply would make some difference.

Use Tools

There are so many legal Instagram tools which can help you to handle your profile easily. They will post, comment, and do several things including showing you a full report of the people who like you or follow you in the last week and etc. So try them and get all the help you can. But remember, all are not legit. There might be insecure and hacking sites that will ruin your Instagram profile. So better get some legit tools by searching them on the internet. 

No need to Think about 10K followers

Most people think that to make money on Instagram you need to have more than 10K followers. That is a complete lie. Having followers more than 10K does not mean that you will get a lot of sponsors or traffic to your sites or products.

Remember, most buyers or sellers need likes and comments more than followers. Even if you have 200K followers, still you get 1K likes and 1K comments mean you are low. If you have 3K followers but 1K likes and 100 – 500 comments means that your account is more real than the previous one. So the buyers will come for you. That is why I mentioned earlier to have Organic Followers to your profile.


These are everything that I know about making money on Instagram in 2020. Always try to have some organic followers who will like your posts or share them with the other. Make some bond with your followers and earn some money. If you have more than that, please feel free to give a comment also Make sure to check out more articles about online money.

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