How earn from Fiverr in 2020 and Best Strategies to optimize your Fiverr account

This article is all about Fiverr and how to earn from Fiverr in 2020. If you are a beginner who doesn’t even know how to make a profile, I will tell you all about that. Then I will show you some major ways to optimize your account and have the highest chances rate of getting some works from buyers. I have answers to some major questions about Fiverr at the end of the page. If there are more questions, ask by commenting at the end. Let’s begin.

  1. What is Fiverr?
  2. How to choose your skill and a niche?
  3. How to make an account correctly in Fiverr?
  4. The best ways to optimize your profile.
  5. Making a gig more profitable and higher chance of receiving a job.
  6. Strategies to receive more buyers.
  1. What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the best sites to earn money in the freelancing industry. You can work in Fiverr full time or part-time. Most of the Fiverr employees work full time as this is a gold mine. To earn money from Fiverr, you have to choose your method of earning. Like Logo Designing or Article writing or music producing or web designing where you need some knowledge. But there are also like Social media traffic generating (You can click here to know more about social media traffic) or photo background removing where you don’t need any knowledge to do jobs. After choosing your method of doing jobs, you need to make gigs where buyers can give orders. Then you have to provide them the service they want within a promised time frame. They will then give you feedback which is the most important part of Fiverr (There are some bad buyers who will not provide good feedback which will damage your profile). Feedback is something that important to your profile because many buyers come to profiles with good feedback. I will explain all the methods of how to get good feedback in the latter part of the article.

  1. How to choose your skill?

This is the most critical point where I got stuck too. I know graphic designing, Article writing, Traffic Building, and Web designing.

Can we do all these at once in Fiverr?

Don’t even think of starting all these categories in one account. (Do not use several accounts. If you get caught, all your accounts will be banned)

How can I choose my skill?

Get a piece of paper and answer for these questions.

  1. What are your favorite skills or what skills you often use?
  2. What are the skills you can teach to someone?
  3. Which skills most friends are using from you when they got a problem?

Answer these questions and you will get an answer which is common in all three question. And that is your skill.

For an example, for me

  1. Article writing, Software developing, Logo designing
  2. About Article writing, YouTube channeling, Traffic building to social networks
  3. Software programming, YouTube channeling, Article writing

As you can see, Article writing has repeated three times. So my skill is article writing. But when I start Fiverr I did put all the things I can do and waited nearly one month and didn’t get any job. So choose one niche and then Fiverr will promote your gigs without you even knowing.

  1. How to make an account correctly in Fiverr?

If you don’t have an account in Fiverr, I will teach you how to make an account freely and correctly. Click here to log in to Fiverr account. Then you will see a front-page as below.

You have to click on Join. Then a box will popup.

They will ask you to signup via Facebook or via Google mail or another email address. You can choose any of these and click continue.

Then a box will come up to fill with Username and Password. This is very important. This is the name where your Fiverr profile will be named as. So you can have your own name or you can add a name that is similar to your niche. If you have a name with “genarticle” or “articleguy” or something like that, your rank in Fiver search will get higher. Somehow it comes to the part where traffic also builds up by the username. So the trick in here is, using a name that relates to your skill or niche.

Then choose a password with at least 8 characters combined with Upper and Lower case letters and numbers. A stronger password will keep your account safe. Do not even think to put a password like this “John1994”. Use a strong password.

You will see a green tick on the right side of the username and password. That means you can proceed here.

You can see they are asking you to verify your account. So go to your email account. You will see an email as “Activate Your New Account”. If there is no email like this wait for like 30seconds to 2mins. If still no email, then go back to your Fiverr account and click “Resend”. Click the “Activate your Account” button and it will open a new tab which is your account.

As you can see the top of the page it will show you that you have activated the account successful message. Click on the “edit your profile” link in it.

Put your full name in there. (It is best to use your login name in here. If you use a part of a name for login put the whole name in here.) There are people who have 4+ words in their full name. Don’t put that all. It’s not a must.

Do not forget to select “Forever” in online status because then only buyers decide to give you some quick delivery jobs where you can earn more money.

If you need to delete or deactivate your account, you can select a reason and deactivate it. But don’t do it now. Because you haven’t still start making money.

Click “Go to my profile” It will navigate to your profile where you can optimize your profile.

  1. The best ways to optimize your profile.

In this part I will show you the best methods to optimize your profile which will attract more buyers. Because more than 80% of buyers look at your profile before ordering a job. So you must have a decent, powerful profile to get their attention.

Click on the place marked as number 1 in the picture to put a profile picture. This is one of the major places where most of the sellers get wrong. If you use a funny or fake picture you will not get buyers. Fiverr says that more than 60% of sellers get failed due to their inappropriate profile picture. So use a decent, attractive picture. You do not need to show your whole body. Just put a picture of your upper body (above the chest)

Tip for your picture. Use a blazer or coat. Those pictures are so powerful than normal t-shirts.

Click in the number 2 where it says “What’s your story in one line”. In here it doesn’t ask for your story. It is asking “What do you do?” Simply write what is your job category or your skill. (You can choose your skill by doing a simple exercise I mentioned earlier)

For an example “Colombo Degree Certified Writer”

Write a simple sentence to show your highest certificate to get more trust from the buyer. Then click Update.

Let’s move on to number 3.

  • Which option best describes you?

If you have a business, choose a business option. You can choose any of these. Answer correctly as it describes you.

  • Which industry does the workplace business belong to?

You can choose any from it. Bank or computers, parts, and repairs or any and save changes.

Let’s move to the next picture where some tricks need to be done.

You can write your qualifications here. If you write something like this “I like to help people and enjoy when they get their service more than they thought of”, yes you will get more jobs. Because buyer do read your description. So write 5-7 lines having less than 30 words of description including what I have told to put to show the buyer you will help them to get a wonderful service from you.

Then select as many languages as you can only if you know them. The more languages you know, the more buyers around the world will connect with you. Because there are some buyers who don’t know much in the English language which will make the communication harder.

In Linked Account part, please add all the links. Because you can publish your gig in every place which will give your gig more traffic. Make accounts in many social places and get more followers, friends, and likes. When your gigs go viral in social networks, Fiverr will get your gig a chance.

Then in the skill menu add every skill you have based on the niche or your main skill. After adding the first skill, Fiverr will provide many skills related to the main. For example, if you type a Creative writer, you will get Content Writer, Article Writer and etc.

So as the skills add all the educations you have in here. Because the more qualifications you have, the more buyers will come for your profile. Because qualification makes it easy.

After writing all these you can click Preview Public Mode to see how the buyers or everyone else see your profile. Let’s move to the next heading.

  1. Making a gig more profitable and higher chance of receiving a job.

Everyone can make gigs. But How to make gigs with a higher chance rate of getting the job is a trick. First of all, you must go to the selection menu where you can see others’ gigs. Then choose the best selling gigs which are relative to your niche and get an idea about their gigs. You can see their profiles, gigs, and all other information.

As I am an article writer, I will show an article writing gig.

Then click on any gig to see how much they earn by selling one gig and as these are top-rated gigs, how can I climb the top.

You can see, by only typing 300 words, this gig owner requests $10. That is her price. Because she already got 4.9 reviews from 5. So the best way to climb top is to sell your gig giving the buyer a more profitable way. Because you have no reviews yet.

Then I will show you how to create a perfect gig. Click on “Create a New Gig” by going to your profile.

For your first Gig they will show you some common tricks that people use these days. You can watch them by clicking those videos. Finally, you will see an interface like this.

Fill all the required fields and get your Completion Rate over 65%. Then only you can make a gig.

This is the place you are going to make a gig. You have to give a Gig Title, which Category is it in, and Tags. As I am writing Articles, I will show you the steps for making the gig.

Your title must be short but you must include all the words which give more traffic. I showed some examples of other gigs. Many gigs said about the word SEO. This Is the keyword to build more traffic. So I include it and I chose the category as Writing and Translation. Then they ask which type of writing. I chose Articles and blog posts. They are giving suggestions for the category. You can choose them too.

You can choose languages you are writing (Best to use English) and Tone, Article writing and etc.

You can put maximum 5 tags for your gig. Choose wisely. Use the most traffic building Tags and save and continue.

This is the place where you have to do the trick of earning more money and getting more buyers. Always tick the place called “3 Packages” Because by using 3 packages, you can give the buyers more options to buy. If you only put 300 words article and if they want 1000 words article they need to buy 3 gigs. But you can provide them 3 packages with 3 options. But be fair.

As you can see, I gave 3 names for packages as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can name it as Basic, Standard, and Premium. Then for each package always increase your word count or the length of your music or number of followers you are giving or any.

Give a brief detail about your gig (Give more details than mine. I was boring, so I put a small description)

The most important part is never to put a delivery date to 1 day. Do not do this. Because you can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. May be for emergency reasons, you have to go somewhere. So always choose 2 days. When the value of the package increases, try and increase the delivery date too.

You can adjust other options as you like. Try to always give the buyer more advantage as these are your first gigs. After 5 or more gigs increase your prices.

When it comes to revisions part, do not give unlimited revisions whatever your gig is. Because there are so many annoying buyers who will use this to get more from you, for a cheap price. Once my friend got that bad luck and the buyer asked him to change the logo more than 20 times. So for your basic package always put the lowest revisions.

As I mentioned earlier, choose a fair but not least price for your gig. Always compare your price with the top gig makers.

Adding extras is another way of improving your earnings. Buyers can buy these extras if they feel it is cheaper than buying a higher package. So give them those options as much as you can. But do not provide the cheapest gigs. If the cheapest is the best buying gigs, then you won’t see any top gigs more than $5.

In gig, description ask buyers to contact you for any fairer prices or any help. That way you can build a connection with buyers.

Add FAQ to your gig. What you will ask, if you are the buyer? Ask them and answer them. More practical questions mean that you are one of the experts.

You must tell the buyer what you need from him. A title may be or information about the blog or anything but not money.

When I showed you some gigs of professionals, what did you see first? Gig title or Gig photo? Yes, even the buyers see gig wallpaper first, then the title. So always provide a good, decent, gig title matching and your own picture. It is illegal (as I know) to use someone else picture (Arts in google) So you can browse pictures in pixabay or any free copyrighted sites.

If you are making a gig for videos or musics, then always put a sample video and music (even the photo when it comes to logo designing). Buyers will then have some knowledge about you.

Finally, for the first gig you are making, you have to do a Test. For me, it’s an English test. After good scoring, your gig will be broadcasted. If you follow those simple tricks, you will earn more attention as well as more money from a single gig.

  1. Strategies to receive more buyers.

After you created a decent gig there are things you need to do to get more buyers to your profile. They are not going to come in one day or one week. Let’s check what can you do to get more buyers.

  1. Price Strategy

First you need to check all the competitors. Then you need to check the prices. If you see many top-level sellers in your niche selling for $20 minimum, you must sell for $5 or $10. Because the buyers check the money too. If your gig is quality enough, they will come to you. But they will see your prices. As you don’t have any feedback the buyers will get afraid to give you an order. When they give an order they will see your pricing. If it’s too cheap, they will not come. If it’s too high, then also they will not come. So have a decent amount which is not too cheap or high.

  1. Communicating Strategy

As I mentioned earlier on the page, you must invite the buyer to contact you because then you can get to know him. Welcome him, Use standard professional conversation and always be nice. Because of this, he will come to you again and again. You can also tell the buyers that if prices are high, you can make another gig with less price if he buying it. Because of this, not only he buys from you, he will give 5-star positive feedback too. These are some good manners you can do to get more attention.

  • Offer Future helps to tell “If you have any questions, I will answer them and I will provide any help I can”
  • Say “Thank you” and “Sorry” and decent words always.
  • Do not get afraid to say “NO” when it must be said. Because there are some cheap buyers who try to bully you and get their service in the cheapest way. So don’t get caught
  1. Delivery Message Strategy

Always say Thank you for buying from you. Because they might have many others to get the service. Buts still they come for you. So Thank them and always remind them decently to give you a feedback. For example, “Hey. I hope you liked my work and for me, your satisfaction is the topmost priority. If you enjoyed working with me, please don’t forget to give a feedback. Thank you for buying from me.”

  1. Paying Strategy

You can use this strategy if you have not got any job even after two weeks. This is just for the people who have money. You can ask your friend to pay you and get your services and let them give you good feedback. At least get 5-10 feedbacks. It will only cost you $5-$10. Because as you know $5 selling, you will lose only $1. So let them buy and give you feedback which will be a huge advantage to get more traffic.

  1. Social media Strategy

Simple. Spread your gig in every platform you can without getting banned because of being a spammer. Don’t spam. Just spread the gig. For example. You can make a short description of your gig like this. “I am writing 1000 words article for any heading you like. Just come and contact me through this link. I will provide you a bonus.” Post this in article writing groups and posts.

Fiverr gives not only, ways of earning some cash. You can learn thousands of many other ways of earning money or promoting your gigs or social networking and many fields. Click this link and simply make a profile and buy their courses which were done by professionals and yes you will earn money.


Because of the competition and thousands of freelancers, the chances of having your first job are very much less in the first two weeks. But if you are a lucky guy, you will get a buyer within your first week. Be patient and when you get a buyer use these strategies to let him come to you again. Because most buyers are individuals representing many companies. So for each one of these companies they come and buy again and again. If you get to know one of them and if they liked to work with you, you will earn many times by the same guy. Patience, On-time working and Fair work will make you rich. this is how earn from Fiverr in 2020 and Check out more article about earn money online from here.

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