How to Make Money by Biking [Ultimate Guide]

Isn’t it wonderful to earn money for your regular workout? You can make money by Biking (which is now I am writing about), Listening to Music, Walking, Gaming, Exercises, Drawing, etc. That might be less but yes! You can earn.

Some of these money making methods will not pay you to have a great life with $500 or more per month. That is a myth. But you can earn enough money to pay some bills which will be a great way to stress out your problems.

So let’s talk about how to make money by biking! These methods will help you to make a living income or as a side hustle. At the end of the article, I will provide you a strategy that can use to earn more money by biking.

Make Money as a side hustle by Biking

01. Working in Instacart

Instacart is just like services that deliver food to certain locations. But here you have to deliver grocery items which are kind of easy. I named this as the best way to earn money as a side hustle when most people deliver things as a full-timer because you can decide the time you can work. 

If you work 40 hours with this app, you get bonuses from Instacart.

02. Ride with Strava

Strava is an app that is partnered with Competitive Cyclist which is a place that sells riding gears to pay you $1 for every hour you ride with your bike. This is different from other apps as here you can only earn $40 per month. That seems less. But I will give you a strategy at the end of this blog post to earn more than $1000 per month easily by riding your bike.

Here you cannot withdraw your money.

Wait What?

Here you cannot withdraw but you can purchase items from the site Competitive Cyclist. As a biker, you know how much you have to spend on your bikes. This is a great way to upgrade your bike easily just riding the bike.

03. Doordash

Doordash is another app that pays you to deliver food to a certain house. This is one of the best ways to earn money on your bike. This company got so popular these days as many food companies need someone to deliver their products. Many reported that Doordash is paying very well for their workers and it is kind of cool.

But to use Doordash you must be in major cities like Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, and some other more cities. Just visit this amazing site and get an idea about it. 

04. Ridevert

Ridevert is an app that pays you to ride with your bike by displaying their poster. It is like having a sponsorship for riding. That site mentions that earning $300 per month is easy if you are in a required country like the US or Canada or the UK. But this app supports almost every country in the world.

Just signup on this site and get their app to your mobile phone which can be either android or apple. Then they will provide advertisements which you must put on your bike and ride. They will track your distance and pay you for the distance you have ridden. Ridevert sends you the advertising banner which is easy because you do not need to make a poster by yourself.

05. Bike Messenger

This is one of the oldest ways of earning money. What you have to do is to be a postmaster riding a bicycle. Ride, Give, get a Tip, and Earn money. Simple process and due to that, you will earn less. But as a side hustle, you might earn some extra cash.

What you have to do is simply deliver postcards or parcels or any other items to the relevant house. Most people give some little money as a tip if you deliver quickly and without any faults. Smile and talk with them friendly but remember you are a worker.

Make Money as a Full Time earner by Biking

01. Pedicab Driver

This is a great idea to earn money as a biker. What you have to do is just place a cart or something like that behind your bicycle. This was the only method of transportation in the early days before automobiles were born. But there is a difference now.

That those days they use cows to pull the cart. But now you are the one who pulls the cart with your bicycle.This is a great job if you are in a country where tourists are coming. There are Pedicab drivers who earn more than $100 per day by showing the city to tourists.

You can work for hotels or any other local company if you want to be stable. Because there might be some legal actions to be done before riding as a Pedicab driver. So if you join a company, they will handle them. But they will earn a commission from your every turn. 

02. Delivery Guy

As I mentioned there are apps and sites which will pay to be a delivery guy for local stores in major cities. But you can also introduce this method to some local stores and start it as a full-timer to earn a lot.

If you use your bicycle, you might a lesser than as a biker. But you will cost less as no petrol. So it is up to you to use what vehicle. But here you can earn money as a delivery Guy.

03. Engage in Competitions

As a biker, I know you have already known that there are many competitions for you. You can join them for less than $100 and earn if you win more than $1000. Join those competitions and see you are a skillful person.

If so, join more and more competitions. Practice more and more. You will get sponsorships sooner. They will handle all the gears as well as some will give you jobs. Most jobs do not need you to go to the office. What you have to do is practice and win competitions. They earn respect. You earn money.

Other ways of Making Money riding Bikes or Bicycles

01. Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to earn money as a side hustle or even as a full-timer. You do not need to learn about coding or any other hard work. Just use a web hosting site and start a blog. You might spend some money like $5 or less per month to start a blog. But after 6 months you will earn more than $1000. 

What you have to do is just write content about what you know about biking. If you want to earn money quickly, you can use techniques like doing SEO, Publishing your blog on social media, etc. By these techniques, you will earn more traffic. Then ask AdSense and show ads in your blog. 

You can also start doing Affiliate Marketing. Get links from the best affiliate marketing sites and publish them in your blog. You will earn a lot more than you think of this method. 

Learn about blogging in here.

02. Make a unique YouTube Channel

YouTubing is the most popular thing among most teenagers. You can attract them by starting a YouTube channel about Biking. You can provide your biking videos or show the world your skills by making different videos or else you can also teach about repairing or new parts or anything involving bikes/bicycles.

After getting 1000 subscribers and likes, you can ask AdSense to display ads on your videos. Click here to learn about strategies to get traffic to your channel easily.  

As I said in the earlier blogging method about Affiliate Marketing, you can apply it in here too. YouTube has given a great opportunity to apply an infinite number of links to the video descriptions.

If you want to learn about getting rich easily, click here.

Best Strategy to Earn a lot by Biking

Here comes the Strategy you have waited this much of time. This is a method of making a chain of money-earning. What you have to do is simply make a chain by combining two or more jobs to one single job. That is not as simple as you have read. I will give you a simple demonstration to earn more money. Here I use some side hustle jobs at once.

First Job

Signup in Doordash or Instacart to deliver products. This is the startup.

Second Job

Signup in Strava which pay you $1 for each hour you ride

Third Job

Register in Ridevert which pays you to display their banners on your bike.

After registering all these jobs, let’s make a chain by combining all these 3 jobs to one. After you have given a banner by Ridevert, place it side or front, and deliver the product.

But remove it after you come to the delivery house and also after the place where the order is given to you. While you are biking, use the banner. So now what has happened?

Let’s assume that you have a given food to deliver to a place which is 12 miles away and you take one hour to travel there. You get a commission of $20. If Ridevert pays you $1 for 1 mile, you will get $12. Strava will pay $1 for a one-hour ride. So totally by just delivering one food-beverage, you get $33. You have increased your earnings by $13.

What will happen if you ride the bike 8 hours and a total of 80 miles (average bikers ride 10 – 15 mph)?

So you can improve this method of chain by combining permanent jobs and other jobs as well as a side hustle to earn more than $1000 per month. What you have to do is just think out of the box and earn more money.


I have clearly stated some best side hustle jobs and full-time jobs as well as some other jobs to make money as a biker. I have given a strategy to earn a lot even by doing side hustles. Use those methods carefully and earn money. 

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