How to Make Money with Your Voice [Online]

Ways to earn from your voice

If you are watching this, you probably not a singer. If you know music, then visit this article about How to earn money online as a Musician. Even if you are a Singer or someone who can control his/her voice gently can make money in here.

Do you know that most of the people earn $1000 or more than by only using their voice? I will show you every single thing I know about the topic of earning money by using Voice.

First of all, I will provide you some guidance before learning How to Earn Money with your Voice.

Things You Must Do Before Starting Online Jobs Using Your Voice.

Learn these before you start

01. Understand the Field before Entering

You must understand what are the things you need to do with your Voice before entering this field. You can be a voice actor who gives their voice to Cartoons, Films or even Radio stations.

You also can be a person who changes the audio files of existing videos by providing your voice. By using your voice, you can also convert E-Books and make Audiobooks which are now a tradition and selling all over the world. 

I will explain every single top paying site as well as the best strategies to make money with your voice. So read these carefully to earn a lot of cash with your voice.

02. Do Vocal Exercises Daily

As I said some professionals earn more than $1000 per month and do you believe they earn $1500 for even one project which will take 5 to 8 hours.

But they also get tired and they might even hurt their vocals by talking in different sounds every day and almost 1 to 8 hours. (It depend on the task) So do exercises daily.

03. Practice Every day even you didn’t have a Job

Practice makes a person Better. So practice every day. On your first day, you will be asked to do some tests. Even if you fail the first time, they will allow you to try again.

But before trying again practice. Go YouTube and see the things those people who earn money by voice are doing. Do Tongue Twisters which will not only practice your voice but also give a good exercise to your reading.

After doing these now we will see the best sites which will pay you for your Voice.

Sites That Pay You for Your Voice

Websites that earn money from your voice


This site is for the Voice Actors who use their voice to Act. They have several categories that major companies interested in. 

  • TV ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Cartoons
  • Fake lips
  • Games

There are many more categories if you become a voice Actor. In this site, you can earn $100 to $1000 or more for the job. You can get paid $100 for 15 seconds video clip and short animated video for like $10,000. You can also have a better chance of making audiobooks which will pay $200 – $300 per hour.

As you can see the paying rates are so much high. That means there must be a downside. Yes. This is a site to Pay and Get Paid. That means you have to pay and start an account on this site.

For a year subscription, you have to pay $400. If you want a monthly subscription, you can pay $49.99 per month.

(Fees might be changed at the time you read. Please feel free to comment and let us know) So do not take this as light. This job is serious in this platform.

02. Voice123

Voice123 is also like the previous platform. Both pay well as they both require a payment to get paid. This platform shows something on their home page which caught my eyes. Voice123 is used by major companies like Coca-Cola, NBC, The New York Times, and even 21st Century Fox.

That means this site is legit as well as so much popular in the industry. (I guess they wanted to have a great competition voice. That’s why they have named Voice123 which is like a spam site.)

This is site very much serious about the spammers. As you know anyone in the world likes to bid everything in the network if it feels like matching them. But in here you can’t bid like that. They are giving you points for every like you get for every bidding you do.

Then they get the percentage of it. They only publish the voice actors who have Top 10%, 20%, and 30% likes. By doing something like this, voice123 successfully prevent users to stop spamming. 

Then I searched some top-paying jobs in there and I saw more than 4000 actors are bid. That means the competition is so much high. But do not wary. If you have a great unique voice you can earn money.

03. Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny is not like the top two sites I mentioned. In here they have very strict rules and tests if you are trying to sign up. First, learn before signing up as they have a hard test.

Voice Bunny has many categories like Podcast, Translation, Transcription, Dubbing, etc.

They have good payment and the reviews are also fine. You better check it if you know about the field. If not, then try the sites below. Climb slowly.

04. Freelance Sites

Freelance sites to sell your voice

Freelance sites are very much good for making money with your voice. The sites earlier I mentioned require a lot of practice as well as some need you to pay first. But in here, you can start as a newbie without that much practice. It doesn’t mean that you need not have any knowledge.

You must know as well as you just need to know tricks about these sites.

  • Fiverr

Here the buyer will come for you. You cannot bid anything. What you have to do is make a gig that will attract the buyers. Put the best products in there. For that, you need some knowledge.

I have a blog post about Fiverr which explains A-Z. Visit here and learn them all. (You can learn everything about Fiverr by clicking here.)

  • Upwork

Here you bid as in the other sites mentioned. But here you will earn less when compare to other sites. (Probably can earn $50 – $100) This is also a legit site that has many jobs other than jobs for voice. So check it out.

05. ACX

ACX is a web site for audiobooks. In here you can make money narrating audiobooks. This means that you have to convert e-books or physical books into audiobooks.

Making an account is easy and you just have to record a quality 5 minutes’ demo in here. When it comes to converting books to audiobooks, I thought you can set prices for words. But in here you can set prices per hour.

  • Under 1 hour: less than $7
  • 1 – 3 hours: $7 – $10
  • 3 – 5 hours: $10 – $20
  • 5 – 10 hours: $15 – $25
  • 10 – 20 hours: $25 – $30
  • Over 20 hours: $30 – $40

These prices are shown on their sites. But they say that it can be varied and this is a general price. You can change it to your favor.

Here they have another wonderful option call Royalty Split. You can charge 20% of that audiobook sales for 7 years. That is a great passive income. Just imagine you made an audiobook which is in 20 hours and you receive $30 for it.

What will happen that audiobook sells for $50? You will get $10 per sale. If they sold 100 books, you will earn $1000 as a passive income.

You must try this out.

06. Ear Works

This is a site that also requires your voice to make audiobooks, videos, and many productions. They also pay well and they never ask you for any subscription. But there is a downside also. They require your country too.

That means some countries may not be eligible to work in here. Try this site as a beginner.

07. Snap Recording

Snap Recording is a similar site as Voices. But you can sign up for free and work in here. There are some other differences like they do not have many different types of jobs.

They are recording voice messages for many businesses. Voice messages mean that messages you hear while call on hold or greetings, etc. You can find easy but low paying jobs that will make money with your voice.

These are the sites which will help you to earn money. But if you want some strategies to make money with your voice not going to sites, these will help you.

Strategies that you can Use Your Voice

01. Podcasting

Podcasting is one of the best money earning method which is growing these days. Now I guess there are more than millions of people who use podcasting as their way of earning money.

Podcasting is alternate to writing a blog post. What you have to do is take a niche and start talking about anything about the heading. You can record them by using your laptop mic or any other mic and talk.

There are many free audio editing tools that you can use if you want to edit some parts and get the attention of the audience.

After making audio files you must upload them in platforms like sound cloud or Stitcher and also iTunes. This is similar to blogging as I said earlier.

That means you cannot earn money just by doing podcasting. But there are several ways of earning money.

  1. You can start Affiliate Marketing while doing Podcasting. You must need a site that has affiliate marketing (Visit here to learn 15 great high paying Affiliate Marketing sites) Then while podcasting gives the listeners some ideas about these items you are about to sell. Then send traffic to those sites. Some marketers earn more than $10,000 per month. So this way you can earn a lot.
  2. Get sponsors. If you have more than 1000 listeners in a network, you can get sponsors who are willing to pay you. You can use freelance sites telling you that you will publish about them if they pay you or something like that.

After uploading an audio file, remember to get traffic to your podcasting channel. You can use social media and platforms like Quora or Reddit.

02. Teaching

Teaching is another way of earning money with your voice. If you are good at singing, you can teach children about singing. Visit this link to learn about sites and the ways of teaching if you are good at teaching or like to teach children.

03. Create Audio Books

create audiobooks to earn money from voice

You can create your audiobooks without working for someone else. Get free e-books from free authority providing sites and convert them to audiobooks. Then publish them in platforms for audiobooks.

By using social media or your blog or any method get the traffic you want. Just imagine you sold 1 audiobook for $5 and sold 100 of them. You will earn $500 as a passive income.

Record your audiobooks in your free time. Then publish and drive traffic to earn money.

04. Change voices

This is about the YouTube channel. Create a YouTube channel or TikTok account and edit the voices of famous characters who are speaking or acting or doing anything by providing your voice. Make it funnier.

Do you know that there is already a channel which edit voices of celebrities or politicians? They have more than millions of subscribers and millions of viewers. This is not just to make a similar channel.

Use your creative ideas to make something with your voice and earn money. These days this method is viral in TikTok. People Use TikTok to Make Money online.


These are the all factors I know about the heading of how to make money with your voice. If you have any more sites which pay you more than these and strategies which you can earn more, just comment on it.

So we can publish them too. Learn these methods and earn money.

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