How to earn from Shopping in 2020 | Tips and Tricks

You will think about how do we get paid by shopping? And is it legit? And many more questions. Today we are gonna talk about How to earn from Shopping in 2020 | Tips and Tricks. you can earn by shopping. I will describe it to you. But to know about this category, you must need to fulfill a quality.

  1. You must need to be a person who does buy your requirements through online shopping. (There is a trick if don’t buy from sites. I’ll tell it at the end of the article)

There are thousands of sites providing discounts showing “Sale” But there are

few sites among them who have an option called cashback. Cashback means, for their products, they will give you cash for buying it. For example, If you buy a $100 dress which has 5% cashback, the site will give you $5. You can spend that money back to a product or else you can get it to your account.

 There are several sites for this. I will tell you most legit sites among this.


 Yes! Microsoft gives you points if you buy an item from them from their official site. This is legit, and you also can buy these items with a 100% guarantee as its origin is Microsoft. Microsoft also gives you a chance to do some tasks to earn more points. Finally, you can spend these points to buy a product. Unfortunately, this cashback option is only for 20 countries.


 This site gives you the opportunity to get cashback (I mean no points here) The best thing in here is it’s valid for almost every country in the world. So you can visit here and do your regular shopping and earn back some money.

 In here the cashback option only available in the UK. But you can do surveys and other stuff (If you want to know about surveys, click here) almost every country. The advantage of here is payout threshold is only $1 (You can get your payment when it’s $1) And also it will pay you within one day. So trying this is much worth.

Now you have some idea about How to earn from Shopping in 2020 | Tips and Tricks. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.Also check out more articles from Here.


  1. Hello , I always read your nice blog posts and i really trust you , can you pleas tell me is this money making method effective ? it is cheap making money method but i have limited budget and i am afraid , pleas tell me about it , waiting your reply , thanks again for your nic posts

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