The Best Strategies to Earn Money by using TikTok

TikTok is one of the best trending apps found on the internet. The main focus in TikTok is to produce short videos that can be funny, motivate, sad, romantic, exploration, or any sort of video which can entertain or can give the viewers any education. Then let’s see How to make money on TikTok.

Brief Explanation about TikTok is the first version of the TikTok. It is popular for making 15 seconds-videos which can be edit and share on the same platform. Then this app was taken by a Chinese Company called ByteDance in 2018. They renamed to TikTok which is now very much popular in video making industry. 

This app gives a massive range of editing and making your videos according to your imaginations. As a TikTok user, you know how the people use this small app to make videos that are so much better than normal video editing software. In the Chinese market, TikTok has a twin brother which is named as Duyin. This app has however more than 300 million active users while TikTok has 1 billion active users. The major reason Duyin is more popular than TikTok is that Duyin allows creators to go live and add a shopping cart. This is a great option that is specific to Duyin.

Steps to follow before making money on TikTok

Now I am going to give you some steps that many TikTok stars would have done before earning some cash using TikTok. To earn cash, you must need to have followers. That is what I will describe here shortly.

01. Decide what is your niche.

There are different categories like Funny, Romantic, Sad, Fashion, Providing knowledge, etc. Decide any Niche (It is good to start with one Niche and after getting some followers or views, go for two or three) which will describe most of your videos. There are so many popular Niches you can target other than these.

02. Create a good profile

You must need to create a powerful profile. Strong profile name with an eye-catching profile image and a unique description that will describe you or your business properly.

03. Connect to social media

Connect your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and every possible social media into your account. Go to your Profile tab and click Edit Profile. Then put your link in the relevant field. That way you can gain massive traffic to your TikTok profile. On the other hand, those who follow you in TikTok can like or follow your other social media accounts. 

04. Find trending topics

Always use the most trending music or songs and topics. This way you can make strong videos which will gain a lot of views after a few weeks. TikTok has a strong algorithm which can promote your videos (If they are quality enough, your videos will publish in your niche) So try to make some better quality videos.

05. Use Hashtags

This is same as the Instagram. Use hashtags. I once needed to publish a post on Instagram and I used an online free hashtag developing site. I searched hashtags about money. Do you know what I got? #amoney, #bmoney, #moneye #moneyways, and many useless hashtags focused on spelling mistakes. So please do not just copy all and paste hashtags to your videos. That will give you no advantage. Remember, if you use correct hashtags, you will get a massive organic traffic.

06. Contact Celebrities

Try to contact celebrities or friends on TikTok to promote your name. But remember, this is an additional way of getting followers and views. Most will share your name if you do the same to you. Some unhelpful people will ask you to do tasks to publish your name in their account. Do not go for them. If you do all the above steps correctly, you will gain more than 1k views eventually.

These are the simple steps that many TikTok stars have followed. So trust me on this. Follow these steps and get more followers and views.

Make Money on TikTok

Make Money on TikTok

TikTok will not pay you straightly just like YouTube by allowing you to monetize the videos. But you can still use TikTok to earn money online for free. Now I will tell you all the ways of earning money using TikTok.

01. Earning money by Donations

This is very famous in Twitch. Twitch is a platform for gamers to earn money by live streaming and playing games. The same method is used here. In TikTok, this is how TikTok donation happens. 

TikTok users can buy coins that are used for donations and other TikTok features. 100 coins will cost only $1.50 (According to these days)

What you have to do is go live and do something useful to the listeners or the viewers. If they feel like it is useful, they will donate you with coins. Can you convert coins? No. But you can convert coins to diamonds. These diamonds can be converted into cash using PayPal.

This seems like a huge process. But it is not. Just imagine you have 10,000 followers who came by following the given steps. That means they all like you and they all are active. So they will watch you when you come to live in TikTok. Just imagine even 10% of the followers liked it and donate you with 10 coins each. At the end of the session, you will get 10,000 coins. That means $150 per one live stream. (It can be varying when converting.)

Isn’t it wonderful to use this?

02. Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

This is common in other social networks. But TikTok has an influencer program that lets the creators have another platform in TikTok. Creators have to publish that they need influencers and you can ask from them. Creators have to pay some percentage to TikTok as well as to you. (I guess all the transactions are done in coins)

Then what you have to do is to be a coordinator or the broker. This way you can easily go for more than thousands of coins. Better check them and apply. If you have a decent audience, you can earn much more.

03. Use this for Affiliate Marketing

This is also something very common on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Rather than going to Facebook or Instagram, many now use TikTok. Because you can easily go for thousands of views to your products than other social networks. 

Here what you have to do is to find Best Affiliate Marketing sites (I have a well-explained article for this Affiliate Marketing. So I will only explain it briefly) in the network and do a little introduction to the product and make a video. This app will not allow you to put your links on your bio. But you can still use your video caption to publish your link. This is a great platform for this earning method.

04. Sell your Products

Not only Affiliate Marketing, but you can also sell your products in TikTok. Procedures are the same as done for Affiliate products. If you have a web site, it will be easy. If not, create a business place in platforms like Shopify and publish those links in TikTok. 

If you love to start your own business, one of the best ways to get buyers to your products or services is to publish them in TikTok.

05. Using ads Platform

This is another method of earning money. Using ads platform is not a straight earning method. What you have to do is pay some cash/coins to TikTok and publish your affiliate links. So you will earn money when people visit your products. Because of having more than 1 billion users, you might get thousands of buyers by this. 

My advice is for the people who just started earning money is to not to use ads. Just wait for a few months and earn some money. Then invest some of the earned money to this method (Little amount) to see, if this is working or not. So use this to earn a huge amount.

06. Selling your Account

I put this method to the final method because you must not sell this gold mine to anyone else unless the selling account is your job. If you are interested in selling social media accounts, you probably need to see this post about Earn money by social media accounts. Here I have shown common methods like selling your accounts or affiliate marketing using social media accounts.

In a site, I saw that one person sold a TikTok account with 300K followers for $2000. But it is just only for once. After selling those accounts, you will not able to earn money from that account. Just think if you go live in that account and even if 50% of them participated, you still get 150,000 views. What will happen if 10% of those people donate 1 coin, you still earn nearly $10,000

So try not to sell your accounts. 

Do and Don’ts

If you want to earn money using TikTok, follow these instructions. At your first stages try not to do these.

01. Do not promote sadness

Try not to publish sadness to gain more followers. Because by doing this, your niche will turn to sad where the most people who hate love or good things in life. Just think if you publish a good looking bag as an affiliate product, many will unfollow you as they need sad more and more. If you already taken sad, then try to make strong or motivate videos to encourage your audience. By this, they will be always with you.

02. Agree to Rules

Do not violate any TikTok rules and regulations. This way they will ban your account or they will stop helping you. Is that what you want? So please. Try to stay inside their trust circle and get the help they give.

03. Be Genuine

Some people copy other celebrities’ videos beginning of their journey in TikTok. Do not do that. Make videos t your imaginations. That way you will gain followers who love you. Making an audience like that will benefits a lot shorter. After getting 1k or more followers, make your videos watching celebrities’ videos. That way your audience will love those.

04. Get loyal followers

Try to get organic followers and traffic to your profile. Do not spend money to gain followers or likes from websites paying them or doing some work for them. You will only get AI or bots or any other less worthy traffic. Let the time decide when to get more and more traffic to your account. Do not fear. One day the TikTok algorithms will give great traffic to your videos.


This is the end of this blog post which is about Strategies to earn money by using TikTok. So I will summarize what I have said earlier. 

Before earning money always try to increase your followers and organic views. Always try to get organic traffic. Do not buy followers or views from any site as a beginner. 

After you get followers and views, focus on earning money using this trending app. I have given 5 methods of earning money and use it wisely. Do not go for the last method until you have another account. 

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