The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp With Dart

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart

Officially created in collaboration with the Google Flutter team.

Course name – The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart free download

Welcome to The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart free download, best course on built in collaboration with the Google flutter team. My name is Angela, and today I’ve taught over 200,000 students worldwide in person and online graduates from my courses have gone on to work for companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and others have created top 10 apps that have been featured by Apple and Google, without a doubt, this is the best course that I have made. To date, you learn flutter from scratch, to build fast, beautiful native quality iOS and Android apps using just one code base, and you’ll build tonnes of beautiful apps and projects that add to your portfolio. By being the course, you will be a fully-fledged wants a developer, by mastering things such as stateful and stateless widgets declarative programming listviews animations streams futures and much much more companies like Ali Baba, the Hamilton musical. And of course, Google themselves already using flutter in their production apps, right now button lets you build, iOS, Android, and even web apps using just one programming language docs. So instead of learning Java or kotlin to build Android apps, and then learning swift or Objective C to build your iOS app, you can do it all in one go with flutter. I’ve spent months, building out the curriculum with the Google flutter team to make sure that it covers all of the key components involved in Florida development, so whether if you’re new to flutter, or is this is even the first time you thought about making mobile apps. This course will turn you into a skilled plotter developer, with a beautiful portfolio of flutter apps. So what are you waiting for, jump into the The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart free download course, and let’s get started?

What is Flutter

Alright, so the first thing that I wanted to talk about is what exactly is butters, and to be able to answer this question, we first have to put ourselves into the mind of a mobile app developers. So here’s one. This is Bob, and he’s an iOS developers. Now, Bob made this really cool app, where instead of matching with other people, you get to match with foods, and you get to figure out what food you most want to eat. And it’s a super popular app. Everybody loves it. but there’s just one problem. It’s only on iOS.

So, every other day he has a question of, when’s it coming to Android, when is it coming to Android. When is it coming to Android. And at some point he finally have had enough, and he decides to go and buy loads and loads of books study Java study Android development. And finally, he’s able to have both of these buttons on his website. Get it on Google Play and download on the App Store. So he now has the same app on the Google Play, and the App Store. Now this can be great for the users, except for Bob, it means when he has any updates that he wants to create to the app or any bug fixes. He has got to push those both to the Play Store, further because the App Store.

So, two places now instead of one. And he has to maintain two code bases. So, that’s a lot of work down the line, it’s basically double the amount of work that he used to have. But that’s not all, because he gets complaints from users, saying that, hey, I’m in your app. Some of the layouts look really weird. it doesn’t look right, like why is that this button like twice the dimensions of everything else.

What is wrong with your apps. Now, this is because not only does he have to support a huge array of different screen sizes and aspect ratios for the iOS ecosystem, the iPads, the iPhone the older iPhones, but he also now has a whole bunch of Android devices. And because Android devices is made by literally anybody, the amount of various screen sizes, is simply massive, and it’s really hard to stay on top of what are all of the various screen sizes, so as to be able to design your app to appear good on all of them.

Now, here’s where flutter comes in. The guy that flutter. This question. More and more so, we’re seeing screens everywhere, the screens on fringes the screens at the bus stop. This screens in your mirror, and they’re all different aspect ratios and different screen sizes. So why can’t we create something that can intelligently and easily allow developers to design, beautiful interfaces for all of these different types of screens. And this is exactly what flutter is it’s simply a tool kit that makes it easy for developers to design a beautiful interfaces for all sorts of screen sizes and devices, and it comes with a whole bunch of pre built widgets that make it easy to layout your app so straightforward things such as laying out your app with rows or with columns or stacks,

And it borrows, some of the concepts from web design, where you can have things that are centred or have padding the margins. And what if you could use the systems to design and develop for almost any device. Because all that flutter does is, it asks for a blank window on the device. So, be it on Android or iOS or web or desktop, all is posing fores simplify straightforward blank window, and what flutter will do is it’ll draw onto that blank window, whatever it’s that must be rendered.

And whatever animations or interactions or changes. It’s all painted on by flutter. So this suggests that rather than having to form iOS apps the apple way and make Android apps the Android way, you’ll simply use a full bunch of pre built widgets from flutter, such as a floating action button or a linear progress indicator. and you’ll simply put these into your app, irrespective of which platform you’re performing on.

And they’ve even designed widgets that look the parts for each platform. So for example, your alerts might look like this on your Android app, but you can also specify that if your app is being run on iOS, then they should look like this, making your app look like it was created in a native way. This is how flutter works, you get access to a whole bunch of widgets. So you can see these widgets, as Lego blocks almost, and by plugging them together and customising it, you end up with your beautiful app that can be deployed, almost anywhere. Let’s take a look at how easy it can be working with widgets in real life. I’ve created a blank app. And I’m going to go ahead and add an app bar. And this is a prebuilt widget, which is built by flutter. And as soon as I hit Save my app bar gets painted onto the screen. So, I don’t like it in blue. So let’s customise it to change it to red. So now I added colours widget, and I changed the colours. So now let’s add a text widget, the other title to the app. And just like Lego I plugged together all my widgets, and I’ve managed to build my app ah in a matter of seconds.

And there’s loads of different widgets that are pre built. For example, if you wanted a floating action button, then we just create that widget. And we can customize it by changing its properties such as the background color, or what should go inside it piece by piece widget by widget. I can build up my app and customize it to my liking, with very few lines of code.

Now, what if I wanted some functionality. Well, I can simply create a variable to keep track of say the number of Turner’s that I’ve eaten in a day. And I can change my text field to embed that number variable in there. And then, all that happens is when the user presses on the red button, then it will increase the number of donuts that I’ve eaten and flutter makes it incredibly easy to build a beautiful interface for our app using these widgets, as well as allowing us to customize the widgets to our liking. And finally, building functionality on top of those widgets is also as simple as updating a number of variables. And that we’re going to dive into. So now that I created my donuts counter app. The best part is I can now deploy that code to all sorts of different devices, and platforms, without having to rewrite the code or learn a new technology, a new skill, or a new programming language.

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