The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass

The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass

The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass

What is this The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass course about

Welcome to The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass Course. There are a lot of annual courses out there and you may say how is this course any different. Well, this course focuses on getting you up to speed and building Android apps quickly. Most importantly, you will learn Android development with the latest current and up to date. Android development tools, and best practices. Hi and welcome to the complete candled in Java masterclass My name is Paolo and I’m the creator of one of the most popular development courses on YouTube. The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass Course is can download for free From Here.

My Courses have received over, 1000 positive reviews and currently have over 65,000 satisfied students. I’ve been programming for 12 years in a build several mobile apps and enterprise software. In this course, you’ll get over 40 hours of high-quality lectures and materials, you’ll be learning by building several complete apps from scratch, while also learning Java as well as the inner development ecosystem. All materials can code. This course or update. I’ve also included brand new lectures that cover epi like angle, which is used to save data on the device, ml kit faces Firebase API, firestore will database, and as all that wasn’t enough to also get access to exercises challenges to solidify. On top of all of that will also get all resources and tips on how to further your resources and tips on how to further yours.

Now, since Java is the programming language you will use in this course, you’ll find that the first part of the course focuses on Java programming concepts. You can skip this section if you’re already familiar with the language. The second part is where you will be fully immersed in Android development from designing, building and publishing your Android apps. Now the good news is, whether you’re a professional programmer or a beginner, it does not matter, because I’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started. So, no prior programming experience is required. What are you waiting for, go ahead and enroll today and start learning Android development? Look forward to seeing you inside.

Alright, welcome. So, thank you so much again for being a part of this course I really appreciate your time I appreciate you and I’m excited that you’re here. Now, I would like to go through the learning path in this course. So this course here has two components to it so there’s the Java programming part, and there is, of course, the Android development. Okay. Now if you are one of those who already know Java, for instance, no problem. You can skip and go straight to Android development. However, I think it’s always a good idea to watch all the lectures, first of all, because I worked really hard to put this course together for you guys. And so if you watch all the lectures from beginning to the end, it would make me really really happy, and most importantly, I feel like you would actually gain more, but also remember there’s always something we can learn, even though we may think that we haven’t solid foundation of Java, for instance, we may feel inclined to skip everything and go to one, which is totally fine No problem, this is your course you can do that.

However, if you watch every single video, you will find that you may learn something new and like I said it’s always a good idea to do so because you will solidify those knowledge gaps that you may have. You can also fast forward through the lectures. So if the lectures are going a little bit slower as you watch the videos you can always change the speed with which the videos have been played Udemy has a wonderful media player video player that allows you to do so. So whenever he’s feeling like okay this is going to be too slow for you. No worries, you can do that fast forward speed up the video rate so that you can go through things a little bit faster. It won’t hurt my feelings if anything it’s gonna give you a little bit of a little laugh because you will see that my voice is going to be going really really fast. All right, so do whatever works for you, that is the ultimate goal here, in case you haven’t realized that ultimately. All I want is that you succeed, I want you to get the most out of this course right because I spent so many months putting this together, obviously, I want you to actually find this helpful to actually go through the course and learn stuff so building application that’s really the ultimate goal of mine, and also I want to be respectful of your time because I don’t assume you have all the time and we all have that constrained time, that’s reason why I’m showing this learning path that hopefully will help you understand where you’re at, and then go from there, because remember this one thing, as you move forward, is that ultimately I want you to succeed.

I want you to get the most out of this course. That’s the whole reason why we do this isn’t it find where you are in terms of the knowledge of Java and Android, and go forward. Accordingly, if you’re a beginner, then you must, for sure. Go from lecture one until the last one, thank you so much again, I really appreciate having you here and just download The Comprehensive 2020 Android Development Masterclass Course for free and start learning.

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