Top easy strategies of earning money by social media in 2020

Top easy strategies of earning money by social media in 2020

Can we earn money using our social media? Then how? I will give you easy strategies of earning money by social media, which I have discovered by reading blogs, sites and also by watching many videos. There are thousands of people who are earning $1000 per month by only using social networks. Right now I know you probably get thousands of questions about how to earn from social networks. I will answer them. Comment at the end of the article for any.

What are the social networking platforms where we can earn money and how many followers and likes do we need?

Almost every social network can make you rich. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any. You can use one or more platforms to earn money online. But here is an advice. Do not use your private account for this. Why I am telling this? Because as you already know, there are thousands of hackers in the world who want the most crowded accounts. So if you get their attention, that will be a disaster. So making a new account will be safe.

And the main problem is business owners don’t need less than 1000 followers’ platform. Because they want to show their banner or advertisement to many people as possible. So If you have 1K or even it’s better to have more than 10K followers, you can get lots of orders for your platform. There is a common range where 10K likes = $10+

I will now explain the methods to earn money. Read carefully.

  • Make an account/Use your account and get more than 10,000+ followers (For Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, etc.) and 1000+ likes for your posts. (I will tell you how to get that much.)
  • Then publish your account how much money you need to give others’ shout outs.
  • Use other sites telling about shout outs and also advertisement showings.
  • Get more and more followers to your accounts and use more than one social media platform.

Now I will explain all these methods one by one. You must follow these steps to earn money more easily.

Followers and Likers

This is the first easy strategies of earning money by social media and This is the hardest part of social networking. How to get this much of followers? I will explain methods of earning more and more followers to your account and many active users.

First you need to have an account that does not look like a scam. Just make it more attractive or something telling that this account is an active one. For example, Make an Instagram account by your name. (Using a business name like shout out page or something is not good. People know they won’t like their posts.) Then post some funny or action based or educational or any images or videos or any which will make people to see your account frequently and let them know you are not a bot. (Like and share others’ posts also as much as you can)

Best earning, E-money, Easy money, strategies, earning from social medias, be rich” Then add many tags as possible to your account. If you post a video about online jobs, you can add tags like

and etc. More tags you use more people will see your post when they search. So tag more than 10 and get more attractions to your account.

After these you also can you a trick. You can use one of your platform to describe the other platform and ask the audience to follow that too. There might be 60 or more social networking platforms. At least a person always has more than two social media platforms. So use this to get more followers.

These are somehow time-consuming ways of getting followers and earning money. There is another way of getting followers and likes to your account. By this method you will get thousands of followers and also thousands of likes to your account within a week. But the problem is by using this method, you will get bots or the people who are not using social networks. You will only get the number of inactive followers. You can use sites,


This method you need to work a bit hard. I used this method for approximately 2 weeks and got 4000+ followers to my Instagram account. You have to register in these sites and they will give you points for liking and following other accounts on different platforms. Even YouTube following or website viewing. By doing these you get some points. You can use these points and earn likes and followers to your account.

For example: If you like 50 posts which give you 6 points within a day (You probably can), you get 300. Then you put your account’s URL and tell, you give 5 points for following it. You will get 60 followers in one day by only using one site. If you use 3 sites, you will get 180 followers in one day. There are some times the posts that will only give you like 1-3 points. So it will take up to two weeks to get followers. Then get more likes to your account by using the same method. Within a month or two you will get 2-3K followers and 1k+ likes.

Or else you can use paid sites where you need to pay some cash and can get many followers. I did some research about this as there are thousands of fake sites. So I come up with 3 legit sides where you can pay and get some followers.


New site for the business. Packages are very low. You can get 1000 followers for $10. You can pay with PayPal. It also gives real-time followers within a small time frame. So it’s good to try.


The price is a little bit higher than the other sites. But you will get thousands of legit followers according to your payment instantly. Their trusted delivery is the major reason for their high price.


In here the package starts with $19 for 1000 followers. Due to quick delivery, Friendly packages and 24/7 customer service of the Follower Packages become one of the top sites on the internet.

Get the attention of the businessmen in your account (Local method)

Simply go and like/follow business accounts, shout out accounts and most popular accounts. Then tell them that you can publish their products or their accounts and increase their popularity. You can comment in their posts (But don’t be so hasty and comment. It will ban your account.) or send messages, etc.

For example, you send something like this to a business account:

I will increase your popularity. As you can see, I have 10K+ followers and every single post have 5K+ likes. I have already published many products. You can see it by visiting my site. Call me or text me on this number *********. I will guarantee that you will get more popular. “

By giving your number, they will trust you but this is not enough to earn $1000 per month. For that you need to work hard little more.

Sites where you can use to earn by shout outs.

The most popular site for shout out earning so far is Fiverr is one of the most famous sites that are for any kind of person. Software developers, Graphic designers and many professionals are also working there. You can start your pricing from $5. It’s so much easy to start a gig and you just need to wait until someone comes for it. It says that over 1 billion sites there are on the internet right now. Don’t you think that at least 1 lakh of sites do need some shout out for their sites to get more popular?

I will give you a shout out where I have 10K+ active followers and for every post 3K+ likes in Instagram just for $5.” As there are many fields of businessmen coming here to get some work from professionals, you might get a chance of publishing your profile in there. All you have to do is make a profile and start saying you do shout outs. For an example you can be like this:

Then you can increase the value by putting some options where they can by.

I will post your banner in my Twitter account where I have 5K followers for $30”

Most buyers go for both. So you will earn just by putting their banner and also you can ask local buyers (Where I mentioned earlier) to visit your gig and buy. So the transaction will be safe.


I am giving you a bonus tip here.

You can use the trick I mentioned you to get more followers and likes to earn money here. You can make a gig telling you to give 1000+ active followers within 3 days.

For example:

I will give your Instagram profile 1000 followers within 3 days just for $5”

I will give your Instagram profile 5000 followers within 5 days just for $20” Then You can increase the price like this.

Like that you can increase your earnings. For the first 5 jobs, request a low amount. After you get some reputation, increase you’re earning rates as the buyers know that you are doing your job very well.

But keep this in mind. Always mention that you do not need their password and keep the profile public. So that your real followers can see and they can follow or like your account. To earn you can use Fiverr, but you can use these places to promote your service.

  • (Where you can apply this promotion for offline business)
  • Via your own blog or your site
  • Send the word you do this service to local companies or call them, mail them or even text them.
  • Use forums like, to publish your service

Use these platforms and methods to spread the word that you are doing this service for a cheap price.this is on of the best easy strategies of earning money by social media.

Final method

You can sell your 10K followers’ profile for like $200 – $300. You will get quick money. You can use Fiverr and say that you will give 1000 followers for $5. At the option you can say you will give an entire account with 10K+ real followers for $300. Most customers will accept it as they don’t need to pay again and again to get more followers. You already have 10K+ followers on your social media account.

There are sites for you to sell your profile on any social media platform.

  • In here there was an account 320K followers Instagram profile for $5,300. (I was shocked), Facebook Page having 6K followers for $2500
  • 1.3 million liked TikTok account is for $29,000
  • Same as the others

As you can see, there are accounts with 100K+. To promote your social media account more. These are legit sites that I have found by doing many researches. I still didn’t see any complaint about not paying or lost your account. So you can try these sites for quick money. But I don’t recommend it to sell your account. As you can earn more than that if you work a bit harder. So I am not recommending it. But if you have 100K+ followers, you probably can sell your account for like $1000

I know you will get questions like:

Why still they buy from us not paying to those sites which are legit?

Because it’s cheaper to use your accounts. As I mentioned for 1000 followers, those sites cost $10-$50. But you will ask $5 for 1000 followers. Businessmen always trying for the cheapest way to do their job done.

Is it profitable to get followers from those paying sites and earn money?

Yes! if you work hard you can earn $1000+. You will pay $100 – $200 for 10K followers. But you will earn from 1 person for a banner posting $5-$20. If you work for 10 people within 2 weeks. You will earn $200+ within a month. But if you use more than 2 accounts and if you get more than 10K followers, you can earn a lot more than $20 from 1 person.


As I mentioned earlier, you can earn a lot of money from social media. But for that you need to get more followers to your accounts. By using several platforms, you probably can earn double or triple the price of normal earning. But for this obviously, you must work hard. After you get on to some level you can earn money. Not like doing surveys or ad clicking money earning or Captcha code typing. After you earn some cash you can sit back and wait. Because the businessmen and celebrities always trying to find people like you to get more popular in the field. So these are the easy strategies of earning money by social media and use them and earn some real cash by using social media.

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