Top Sites and Methods for Gamers and Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

In this article I am going to talk about Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games. So I know that every single one of you who is reading this article got the blame from your mother or father because of playing games. When I was young, I spent almost 16 hours per day playing some online games for weeks. But due to a lack of knowledge about how to earn money from playing games, I just played them and got blamed by parents and even lost my computer. That’s not funny.

Even now I see a lot of people spending time playing different games (online and offline) and also wasting a lot of money and time without knowing what they can achieve if they try to earn money from gaming. So I did research, spending hours to find out what are the best options for a professional gamer and a noob gamer can have when it comes to earning money. I will explain a professional method of earning money by playing games where you can get a monthly salary of $1000 – $ 5000 without any prizes and also I will explain the noob way of earning money by playing games where it might stop at $300 per month. You can go for a professional method if you love to play games even you are not a pro. But for that you need to have a gaming machine or a machine that is fast and can handle the heat or you need to have Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming method. If you only have a smartphone or a low-level pc or laptop, you better check the noob way option.

Professional Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games in 2020

Don’t worry about being a noob. You can become a professional gamer and I will tell you how to become a professional gamer in the latter part of the article where you can learn In this article I am going to talk about Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games as I said earlier.

By doing many surveys and researches Statista website has discovered that in 2019 the average annual money, a gamer spends in the United States as follows.

Female ($)Male ($)
Downloadable content and game accessories359335
Game Console350335
Gaming computer687760

As you can see only in the USA, for gaming computers gamers have spent $760 annually. If you add all three together, you will see that a male gamer might spend $1430 per annually to play games without considering the electricity and the data they spent. Around the world, gamers spend almost $135 billion on games. That’s a huge money.

Do you know how much a professional gamer might earn? I will tell you about that to encourage you to earn money by playing games which is your favorite.

  • John Sundstein – The Gaming name in retail. He is one of the popular characters in the gaming world where he plays DOTA2 (Defense of The Ancients). He is only 26 years old and earned $7 million playing 107 tournaments. He is like the king in the DOTA gaming arena.
  • Jesse Vainikka – HerAx is the gaming name when it comes to DOTA 2. Jesse has earned $6.47 million competing for 64 eSports tournaments even still at 27 years old.
  • Damon – Every COD (Call of Duty) player knows his name as Karma where he earned more than $7 million in his gaming carrier. He is the winner in three world championships (2013, 2014 and 2017)

I just mentioned the most popular people in the business and there are thousands of pro gamers who are earning almost $5000 per month.

Now I will tell you some tips to become a pro player. But for this, you need to be patient and you must sacrifice a lot of time.

Choose your gaming style

As you can see those pro players do not use several gaming styles or even several games. They just focus on what they enjoy and what style they are. There are several game styles like shooting, strategy, fighting, etc. After choosing a style, choose one game. For example, for shooting, there are several games like Counterstrike, Call of Duty, PUBG, etc. Choose one game and learn as much as you can about the game. Maps, Hidden locations, Guns or powers, etc.

Learn to lose

Then you have to go to tournaments as much as possible. (I will tell tournaments where you can earn money) There are millions of gaming tournaments all over the world. So choose and play. You might get lost in the first round or within 1 second after entering the battle. But do not give up. If you are a noob, then play local or free tournaments and matches as possible. You will get more experience and tactics while playing.

No cheating

This is something you must keep in mind. No cheaters can survive long. They will be there in every game. But as you know, they get caught they will be banned. And all their efforts of getting quick success may fade away. Not cheating is something hard. But if you mastered it, you will climb up and earn millions of dollars and you will stay in the business forever.

Now it’s time to reveal the best sites to play even if you are not a pro player. You must play as much as tournaments because you just need to understand the other players around the world. These sites will help you to become a pro player. These sites guaranteed that they will not steal your gaming ID and password where some fake sites do. So don’t worry. Play these legit sites and earn money by winning. But some tournaments you might need a partner. So get a partner or many solos are willing to get partner up with any player. So you just go and play. Then earn.


In here you can play like 12 games. COD modern and older versions and Fortnite, Fifa and some other games. No Sign-Up fee (That is so cool) You can join and invite your team players and make a team. Then go for a competition and earn money. There are also matches where you can challenge others as well as you can create your match where others can challenge you. There are prices like $100+ and if you want to earn more than that, purchase their subscription and get on to high-level tournaments where you can more prizes.

Game Battles

Very much good for modern warfare and it has overlooked the game also. Tournaments are free to enter and you can earn $25000 for winning the tournament. So the competition is so high. If you are a PlayStation game player, you can earn pro points too where you can use these to qualify more pro tournaments.

Checkmate Gaming

From here you will earn $25 cash price for playing free tournaments. But if you can spend some cash you will probably enter tournaments where prizes are $400+. Fortnight, APEX, Fifa20, Modern Warfare are some major games in here.

There are so many sites but I just showed the best sites which I thought of showing. If you know better sites, comment at the end of the page. From these sites you will get understand how the pro players play and other important stuffs that you might need to become a pro player. Then I will explain some other methods to earn money by playing games.

There are two main methods of pro players using these days.


this is another Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games. Without playing online you physically go to a place where hundreds of gamers are playing and then you participate in tournaments. They pay you $20,000+ for team matches and it is the most competitive event all over the globe. Many countries there are E-Sports tournaments where top players in the state or country will join and play.

It’s like going to tomorrow land music festival. Main game event (Most probably DOTA 2) in the main stage surrounded by thousands of people and there are other platforms where they pay you if you win. There are companies like Cloud9 and 100 thieves where the number of teams dedicated to different games like fortnight, PUBG, etc. It says that the Cloud9 value is more than $310 million. They are paying you a decent salary for an agreement and those companies always trying to trade players from other teams. So if you go and highlighted, then they will pay you and buy you for a higher value. You just have to pay for them.

Live Streaming

Sites like Twitch and YouTube you can earn a lot of money on behalf of the salary you get from companies or winning tournaments. There are over one million people who are following pro players and they earn $2000+ just for streaming. You can earn money by streaming in these sources. and this is popular Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games.

  • Paid Subscriptions- If someone subscribes from watching your live stream, you get a commission from it.
  • Bits – Sites like cheer bits, people bit for you, and you can earn money from these cheer bits.
  • Sponsorships- I know every one of you has seen that most of the gamers have their t-shirts and on those t-shirts they have hundreds of logos showing their sponsors. That is how they play tournaments without even spending money. Sponsors pay them for playing and showing their logos.
  • Advertisements- Companies will pay you to advertise their products, banners, or things like that.

These are all about the professional method of earning money by playing games. As I said play fairly and respect the others. You will become a pro player. Play as much as tournaments you can and try to go live and stream your gaming and then you will earn more and more money even you lose. If you get highlighted, you will probably choose by major teams or companies in your country. If you are lucky and your videos go viral because of your talent, major companies in another country will ask you to come and play with them.

Noob way of earning money in 2020

So now it’s time to let you know how to earn money by playing games in a noob way. This is just for you to have extra cash. You probably cannot only with this money. So this is just for people who like to play small games and earn some money.

I have searched many sites and watched many videos and found out some decent legit sites where you can earn $250+ per month. So let’s check them out.

  • WinR – An app that is named as Bit Time Games in App store and Big Time Cash Make Money free in Play store. It has a lot of good reviews and you can earn cash by playing games. As a hint, play dynamic dash and Galactic gateways play a lot of money when comparing to others. Prices awarded via bank wire transfers and its worldwide.
  • Mist play– It’s like playing in a casino. You can play slot machine games, blackjack, bingo, etc. You can get paid by not only cash but also as an amazon gift card or I-tune gift cards, etc.
  • PlayTestCloud – You have to test the games they provide. You have to speak while playing games. Answer their questions and give a review of their game. It is very much useful for them to find and fix bugs. For a 15min test you will earn $9. If you spend 1 hour you will earn $36.

These are sites where you can earn money by playing games. Most of them are apps so you can play games by using your mobile phone or you can put an emulator on your computer and play games. But this is just for the people who don’t have gaming computers and also not good at playing those previously mentioned games. So you guys can try other E-money methods in here. These are awesome Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games.


To earn money by playing games 2 main methods. Professional method and noob method. In the professional method I have told you all the ways of becoming a professional gaming player and sites for free gaming tournaments. When you get into a professional level of your chosen gaming style, I have told you some ways of earning money. Use them to earn more than $2000 not even winning a tournament. When it comes to the noob money earning method by playing games, you will earn $300+ per month if you check those 3 high paying sites. So this is the end of Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games article. If you like it make sure to share it.

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