How to earn from YouTube Channel in 2020

How the hell can we earn money with YouTube channel? Today we are gonna talk about how to earn from YouTube Channel in 2020. It’s Not an easy task. But if you manage to get on to it, then you can make more than $4000 per month. Yes, you can earn. In this article I will tell you;

  1. What do you need to have to begin a YouTube channel?
  2. How to get more traffic to your account?
  3. How to earn money with it?

Carefully read. Because in this article I will show you some tricks/tips to overcome some problems without any payment. 

What do you need to have to begin a YouTube channel?

 It’s best you need to have these;

  1. Computer or a laptop
  2. A Camera with high-quality lenses (Don’t worry I will teach you tricks if you can’t find this)
  3. Personality and well preparation
  4. Patience

Do you know nowadays this is the largest business in the online job category? Many people nowadays using YouTube to find out many things. Like how to prepare food, how to overcome the heat or even how to write a letter. Because of this matter, more and more job seekers starting to make their own YouTube channel without knowing yet how to do it. 

If you have a computer or a laptop, this will be easy. And about the camera. The best YouTube channels you can see a person comes to the camera and talking very attractively introducing about their channels and what they are speaking of. But it is not a must to have a camera. You can start a channel about gadgets. So you just need to have is knowledge about your field and the ability to prepare a fine eye-catching presentation. Is this enough? No.

How to get more traffic to your account?

 Even you prepared a lot or even you have a 4k camera, or you are making the most attractive video doesn’t make your channel more traffic. For this get on to these steps.

  1. You need to do research on your topic and see the most viewed videos.
  2. Then you need to make a bigger and better video than that (I’ll explain this further)
  3. Then copy the keywords they used. (It’s not illegal I think)
  4. Then optimize your video to the best.

Bigger and Better Videos

Let’s talk about this heading. What is the meaning of this? Meaning it’s simple. Make a video which is bigger than the others. But why? This is the tricky part. YouTube says that people do not watch a video until it’s finished. For 3minute video, they will watch a maximum of 2 minutes of it. After that, they will check for another. So the video gets bigger the time they spend on your video is high. (But you need to hold them with great eye-catching video. I will make another article for this) YouTube always needs users to be there with them. So they suggest videos when a video is played, so the user gets bored they can watch the suggested videos. (Bang! This is the spot we are attacking!)

How do we get to a suggested video? You need to steal your competitors’ keywords. Then you can be suggested. Most viewed videos don’t get views with the search. You know when you search something in YouTube you don’t search again and again. You just click a relevant suggested video. So copy some keywords as well as copy their tags. How to do it?

  1. Tubebuddy
  2. vidIQ

Go to these sites and paste the URL of your most viewed competitors’ video.

Then add tags as much as you can. Because of these steps, you’ll get more and more views in a single day.

 Then it comes to the last part. Patience. You cannot become rich by the first video. Add more and more videos. Optimize them. Change them. Change the patterns, topics, and give the audience more attraction. So they will subscribe your YouTube channel.

Then after achieving 1k subscription and 1000+ views per video, you can ask YouTube to put advertisements on your videos. Then you can earn money. 

 Or else you can combine the categories I mentioned together (Read categories in here). You can combine your blog to the channel and put the channel to the blog (If you don’t know how to make a blog, read this) And also you can do affiliate marketing using your channel. (If you don’t know how to make affiliate marketing, read this) Be patience and earn money. More videos you make, more chance of making money.

What are you think about How to earn from YouTube Channel in 2020 article.Let me know in the comments. Also check out more articles from Here. 


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